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What's DOS?
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Cliq camera black and back to mainscreen


Dear Community,

my Problem is, that the camera doesnt work. When i click the camera button (doesnt matter where - inside APPS, Menue, Camerabutton on the phone) the only thing happening is, that a black screen is popping before i get sent back to my homescreen. When the phone was new it worked for a few days but then this problem started to begin. I then updated the software of my phone but it still doesnt work. Somewhere i found a similiar thread but noone answered - maybe now, much time later, someone knows how to fix this problem?

Thanks for your help & best regards,

Oh and most new games are running very(!) slow (e.g. i tried ceramic destroyer from the market). Someone knows any tip on how to fix this or is it impossible to play newer games on this phone in a normal way?

Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Cliq camera black and back to mainscreen

Well first trying to play new games on a Cliq is not really going to be the best experience. I would place the phone in airplane mode and then set the battery profile to performance.


As for the camera issue, try the following.

Press the menu button, the press settings, then tap applications, tap manage applications. Now pres the menu button again and select filter, then All. now go to camera and see if you can clear data and cache.