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Re: My Cliq shows Facebook as an account, but contacts from FB don't show up

Mark (Forums Manager) said:

S.Ly said:

I have a Motorola Cliq XT. I just updated my profile to show my serial number too, by the way. I have Facebook account and the Facebook app on my phone. Even if I log onto my Facebook through the downloaded Facebook from Android Market, I still can't see any of my friends photos (only their names show up on the newsfeed). No pictures in my Happenings or Contact list either. So, how do I fix this?


Yes you should check on your Facebook Account to see if the MOTOBLUR app is blocked.

Secondly, I don't have my CLIQ XT phone on hand but there was an option in Android 1.5 to choose the picture source. I wonder if you possibly picked a different account as your picture source. It is mysterious that you say there is no information in your contacts for your Facebook contacts but you say the comments appear in news feed but not in happenings. Their comments should appear in happenings. Their pictures should as well however a different picture might appear in the happenings widget than in contacts based on what picture source is chosen.

Lastly, with Android 1.5 I don't remember if the compatible Facebook App would sync pictures.

Eagle328 might be able to confirm this before me.

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 I have my XT up and running now.

If you go to your contacts and then press the menu button you will see More. Tap More, then tap manage accounts. Now press the menu key again and you have Picture Source. Tap that and choose Facebook. It may take a few hours for all your contacts to sync with pictures.

As for the 3rd party Facebook app. This version that runs on the XT does not have any way to add or include contacts from it so the app really has nothing to do with your contacts on this phone. Let me know if this helps or not.