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A New King-of-the-(Yoga)Hill: The Yoga 910
Community SuperMod

(Disclaimer: Lenovo graciously provided the hardware. All thoughts, words and pictures are mine.)


As a bit of history, I've been fortunate to have received a model from the Yoga line in each of its prior generations, also. While the first three of these have gone on to new homes, I remember each fondly, even as their new owners appreciate them. Soon, the Yoga 900 (Gen4) will find its new home, but I think I'm going to keep the Yoga 900S (Gen4+). All that said...


There's a new King-of-the-(Yoga)Hill! And it's the Yoga 910!


Every generation has built upon the foundation of its predecessors, and the Yoga 910 definitely follows that trend. Lenovo has listens to its customers!


At a quick glance, new for the Gen5 Yoga 910 are:
* USB-C power delivery, a blazingly fast PCIe/NVMe SSD, and a stunning 4K UHD panel.
Returning from the prior generation are:
* USB-C with video out, one "legacy" USB-A port, premium sound, and of course, the trademark Yoga watchband hinge.


Obligatory specs comparison (Gen5 vs Gen4) Smiley Wink

                Yoga 910                  Yoga 900                 Yoga 900S
CPU        i7-7500U                  i7-6500U                  m7-6Y75
                Kaby Lake                 Skylake                     Skylake-M
iGPU       HD620                      HD520                      HD515
RAM        16GB                         8GB                           8GB
Storage  1TB NVMe                512GB SATA              512GB NVMe
                Samsung SM961     Samsung PM781      Samsung SM951
LCD        3840x2160               3200x1800               1920x1080
USB        1x TypeC w/PD        3x TypeA                   2x TypeA
                1x TypeC w/video   1x TypeC w/video   1x TypeC w/video


As specs often tend to be incremental from generation to generation, I won't focus on the Yoga 900 or Yoga 900S, other than to say that they are beautiful machines which have been up-to-task for everything I've thrown at them.


Impressions: Being a long-time ThinkPad user, when I was offered the Gen1 Yoga 13, I recall wondering how I would perceive of the build quality and subjective/objective feel of the consumer line laptop compared with my ThinkPad experience. After all, I had never had anything but ThinkPads. Turns out that I was pleasantly surprised by the Yoga 13, and I continued to be impressed through generations two, three and four. These are devices that exude a feeling of high quality and attention to detail/design.


The Yoga 910 takes this to a new level, beyond merely incremental. From the aluminum case material and its fit and finish, to a watchband hinge that much better resists "wobble", to the narrow-bezel display, this machine rivals anything out there. Needless to say, Yoga is the original. All others are copycats, and they're (desperately, IMHO) trying to play catch-up. Smiley Wink




20161210_133514-A.jpg 20161210_133541-A.jpg


Performance-wise, it doesn't get much better. My sample is top-spec'ed, and it feels like it. With 16GB and an i7, I have not experienced any slowdowns in any of my use cases. From browsers with numerous tabs active, to editing photos, the laptop runs very smoothly. Also performance related, my sample came with Samsung's SM961 NVMe SSD in the 1TB capacity. My first experience with a PCIe SSD (AHCI interface) was with my Gen3 ThinkPad X1 Carbon (review:, and I thought that was fast, and still do. The Yoga 910's SSD is on another whole level, though. "Speedy" is an inadequate adjective.


as-ssd-bench SAMSUNG MZHPV512 1.12.2015 5-40-10 PM.jpg as-ssd-bench NVMe SAMSUNG MZV 1.7.2017 5-50-57 PM.png

(Gen3 X1 Carbon)                                                                         (Gen5 Yoga 910)


Finally, and maybe most standout, is the gorgeous 4K UHD display. It really must be seen to be believed. Everything is photo-realistic. I've lost count of how much 4K video I've watched, and I am impressed each time. When I've tried 4K video clips on other machines, they'd often stutter. Not so with the Yoga 910. Although it really doesn't do it justice, I tweeted a small video clip of a 4K slideshow:
It really must be seen to be fully appreciated.


Bottom line: I really like this laptop, and it takes a lot to impress this long-term ThinkPad user. Smiley Wink


Addendum: I previously reviewed a ThinkPad X1 wireless mouse (, and noted some challenges with it in combination with my Yoga 900 and Yoga 900S. In the coming days, I'll be trying that mouse with this Yoga 910, so stay tuned.



Community SeniorMod

Hello, Nate


Very emotional, warm words. The best assessment from ThinkPad'der. )


Could you look at the LCD panel model installed?



Community SuperMod

Thanks, Serge.
What's your favorite app/util to determine LCD details?

Community SeniorMod

Any, at your choice - Aida, HWiNFO or similar. Just its p/n.

Or have a look at the registry, the EDID parameter value includes manufacturer' panel p/n inside

Community SuperMod

Point me at the correct registry key, please, and I'll pull it up.

Community SeniorMod

EDID parameter is usually here, under subkey



For example

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Enum\DISPLAY\LEN40E2\4&157ed430&0&UID67568640\Device Parameters


Double click on the EDID, scroll to the end, there will be LCD p/n

Community SuperMod

Two entries under that key. EDID values look the same. Looks like an LG display.


Entry 1:




Entry 2:




Does this help?

Community SeniorMod

You'e right, that seems one of the newest LGD panel.

What's DOS?

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