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CES 2012: Community Moderator Agotthelf's Closing Thoughts
Lenovo Staff

This series of write-ups celebrates the Lenovo Forum's family of volunteer advocates - moderators, gurus and outstanding members of the Forum, who consistently go out of their way to help out in this community through sharing what they know, dissecting, delving and diving into various issues to educate other users and solve one another's problems. We salute and honor your dedication and hard work!

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 has come and gone, and whilst you may not have had the opportunity to be physically present to imbibe in the electric atmosphere and indulge in the smorgasbord of new devices in the works being displayed, our Community's Agotthelf did, as we flew him there to do so. Still basking in the afterglow of the Event, he set aside some time to reflect on what he experienced, and shares his thoughts with us here.


Serene: It must have been a crazy few days since you returned from the CES in Las Vegas. So how was the experience in short for you?


Andreas: The Lenovo setup at #CES inside the Aquaknox was really awesome this year.  I think the location was more crowded as last year. Lenovo offered a great range of new products and technologies, like S2 10”, new IdeaPads and ThinkPads or the Lenovo Cloud and the shiny new smart TV.


Serene: Nice. Which were your favorites, and what were some of the highlights?


Andreas: Honestly, I cannot decide between the Edge S430 and T430u when it comes to the business lin.e or the U310/U410 within the consumer line. I like them both. When it comes to the desktop models Ik-SA500114.JPG like the IdeaPad A720 all-in-one PC, because of its multi-touch capabilities.  Check out the product showcase to see the full range of new products.


I also really like the X1H. It has got two hearts and two brains, literarily as it features both an Intel and a Qualcomm CPU, and also has Windows 7 and Android as operating systems. It combines the great features of Windows OS with the flexibility Android based devices. I like the IdeaPad Yoga tablet, Lenovo's first multi-mode notebook with its a 360 degree flip and fold technology serves 4 different kinds of user tasks. And it´s a power horse too, it can get up eight hours on a charge


I like Lenovo´s philosophy, which isn´t about just to gain new user segments e.g market share. Through the development of new products.  Lenovo´s approach to focus on creating a great user experience seems to be the right answer to a growing market. which appears as an internet driven ecosystem, where it´s all about sharing pictures, videos, meeting friends and connecting people.


So the IdeaPad Yoga and the ThinkPad T420u are not simply closing gaps between different product lines or operating systems. They are the way to form a new and unique user experience. The same could be said about Lenovo´s Cloud. It is about connecting people and through different devices and operatingk-SA500115.JPG systems, through, for instance, its Cloud.


Serene: Awesome. Besides seeing and previewing all these, who and what did you see?


I got the chance to meet David Roman, VP of Marketing Lenovo and Tracey Trachta, VP of consumer Marketing. I also got to meet and even interview John Mese, Software Architect , and who is responsible for Lenovo´s Enhanced Experience Technology.


I felt very lucky because I had the chance to talk to him and asked him some about Lenovo´s Enhanced Experience 3.0. You can read the interview and if you have any questions, just ask them here


Through the show I was able to meet a lot of interesting people from different departments inside Lenovo. It was a joy to talk to them, about their every day lives and what they are doing inside a global company. I also got to share my experience as a forum moderator with them.


I´m very happy about meeting a lot of old friends and making new friends, too! Overall, k-SA500117.JPGit was a feeling like being a member of a global team, which was very exciting. And last not least I want to send a big “Thank You” to the WW social media team, who hosted and guided us so well through this exciting show!


Do not forget to check out for exciting news and updates from Lenovo!


Check out Andreas' reports from CES 2012 here, and join in the discussions as well!


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Thanks for representing the community at CES - glad you had a good time!



Great job, Andreas

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Hi Mark and Mornsgrans,


thank you! :-)


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