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CES 2019! I'm coming

I jet off on Monday for Vegas to get myself ready for getting into CES has hard as possible on Tuesday. Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be packed days of getting my hands and eyes on as many things as possible and Friday morning will hopefully be revisiting anything I want more information on.





So what am I taking with me? I’m planning on packing as light as possible for CES.  I want to be able to carry little but be productive should space and time allow.  That for me means I’m taking a first generation ThinkPad X1 Tablet along with an external Bluetooth Keyboard.  That will be accompanied by a my Lenovo USB-C Power Bank which will provide me much needed extra cellphone power and backup power for my tablet should it be needed.


What am I hoping to see? In an ideal world, “EVERYTHING”.  In reality as much as possible including anything new in the ThinkPad line.  Any new accessories from Lenovo as I find there are often some very understated gems.  I would very much like to get my hands on the new YogaBook C930 to try out the E-Ink and appreciate how small the device really is.


Have a question for @geordiemuppet? Post here and stay tuned for when our CES board goes live!


Awesome!! Can't wait for your photos and reports! They are always juicy Smiley Wink

Will be sharing as much as I can or until my additonal data plan runs out Smiley Happy


Have fun!!!

The last four days have been packed. 


Monday was finishing some work in the morning then catching a flight to Las Vegas, collecting badges and arranging planning times and goals for Tuesday.


Tuesday was CES for real.  I was given the opportunity to join with other Lenovo Insiders and meet with

  • Dilip Bhatia VP, Global Marketing, User & Customer Experience, PC & Smart Devices  
  • Matt Bereda, VP of Global Marketing
  • Brian Leonard VP of Design
  • Then a Product Announcement Press Conference then getting my hands on products and then had to go do some of my own things.

More on the above to come but for now here are some raw product shots with more to follow once I get time and another internet connection.


Right now I’ve got to do some dashing before I catch my flight.  More to come ...


WP_20190108_12_20_48_Pro (2).gifWP_20190108_12_36_44_Pro (2).gifWP_20190109_08_28_46_Pro (2).gifWP_20190109_08_40_49_Pro (2).gifWP_20190109_08_41_32_Pro (2).gifWP_20190109_08_45_28_Pro.gifWP_20190109_08_45_33_Pro.gifWP_20190109_08_48_45_Pro.gifWP_20190109_09_35_01_Pro (2).gifWP_20190109_10_53_35_Pro (2).gifWP_20190109_12_46_58_Pro (2).gif


What's DOS?

I'm new to Lenovo forum. I would like to know about this brand a lot. Because I would like to buy a new Laptop for myself. Thanks!

Hi Mathew67.  What would you like to know about the Lenovo Brand?  I'd be happy to help if I can.  I don't work for Lenovo but love the brand.

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