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Community Shout-Out: Bugbatter
Lenovo Staff






Hi there! I am a Senior Moderator here at Lenovo Forums.  Several years ago after receiving an invitation to an event that the Microsoft MVP Program was involved in along with Lenovo, I joined Lenovo Community. I was impressed with how friendly and professional everyone was and how they made me feel as comfortable as I did in communities that I had been volunteering at for years. It seemed that everything ran smoothly as community members shared and worked toward improving user experience with the Lenovo brand.


At Lenovo through online forum discussions, visitors and members interact with other users as they relate their technology issues and customer service questions with someone who may have a similar problem or has a bit more knowledge to help. Forum posters often apologize because they feel that they are not tech savvy. They may not understand what a phone support tech has been asking them to do, or they may not be able to afford to take out-of-warranty problems to a repair shop. Some ask us to help them fix issues slowly step-by-step. When I tell them that I am a former teacher, and a Lenovo computer owner they seem to feel more at ease about posting questions. Some just need another person to understand their frustration.  If we cannot help them, we can usually send them to someone who can.


I hope that the new members at Lenovo Community feel that they are part of something special and that the regulars feel that they are part of a family. I do."


New to our community? Post your questions in the respective boards pertinent to your topic! And say hi!


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