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Community Shout-Out: CBhedricks
Lenovo Staff



Tell us a little about yourself


Who am I? Good question… LOL  I have been working with / on computers and networking since leaving military service in 1984 and my first real computer - A Hyundai 80286-12 with 640k ram, 20mb hard disk drive (mfm) and 16 color EGA graphics from ATI labs was purchased to facilitate my leaning / studies for college.  Don’t ask how much I paid for it – but it was quite the step up from the z80 and commodore basic that I was using in labs for my collegiate courses on Main Frame computers.  Since that time I have been involved with IT as an electrician, building networks, running communications lines, setting up nurse call stations and intercoms as well as alarm systems.  When I was sidelined with a back injury I started working with computers in earnest,   helping people with software and hardware issues and providing solutions for whole home integration packages.  Now I run my own shop, as a consultant and have a few contractors working with me in the field.


So how did you come across our community?


I “discovered” IBM back in the days of OS/2 Warp, when IBM-Dos was still a great OS…  Lenovo was not a player in my book until IBM split off the notebook division (ThinkPad) into it’s own entity.  I had used several IBM products in the past, both intuitionally (System 370) (ASA4000) and in the field (ThinkPad) with various employers but only focused on Lenovo when I found I needed a better notebook than the HP I was working with at the time.  In the course of my research, I settled on a Lenovo G580 as the price / performance was right in a good spot.  It looked good, ran well and had a great screen, and the keyboard was top notch.  When I discovered it was missing a Bluetooth card from the configuration, that is when I first logged onto the forums.


What made you stick around then?


I really like the peer to peer structure of the forum (community).  I have always been one to be helpful, and this forum allows me to share what I know and also learn new things as I go.  The easy way you can answer postings, the straight forward Kudos and “editing” of the forum engine is also a plus.  I also enjoy helping and seeing a positive result from it.  I have never been one to like receiving gifts, always have more fun giving back, and has been that my entire life, even in high school, my military career and ever since it is something I enjoy most in life.


And we love and appreciate our advocate team for their big hearts! Say hi to them when you can, and please, post in the correct boards! 

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