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Community Shout-Out: EricX
Lenovo Staff

He loves his tech, but more importantly, relishes helping others out. Meet @EricX, one of our passionate advocates, who firmly believes in the adage: Sharing is Caring.


"I'm Eric Xu, I live in New York City, and am currently a student. I'm also part of the Lenovo INsiders group, the awesome group for Lenovo advocates from across the world. A little bit on my tech background: I have experience doing repair work on computers and phones such as replacing LCD assemblies, repairing cracked displays, replacing motherboard components, etc. A lot of my ability to help out on the forums come from these experiences! You'll also find me occasionally writing articles for and 


I actually discovered Lenovo Forums when I had a question about one of my first Lenovo machines. That's also when I first created a Lenovo Forums account. Even since becoming a part of the Lenovo INsiders group, I have been on the forums, trying to help users with their device questions, just as someone helped me when I had a question with my device. 


I absolutely love how many users come together on this platform to share their own insights on a specific issue or question. A single thread on the forums can be a huge assistance to a user looking for help on a specific issue. Plus, the forums act as a great means for valuable information that you might not find elsewhere, including from customer support. Users are able to share personal experiences and ideas, which is able to help all the users on a thread. The forums community, especially the team of forum advocates, do a great job together making the forums more useful for users, and I'm glad to be a part of that.


I love being able to spread the knowledge I have about tech by helping people who need help with their devices. Plus, it's a great feeling when a user replies saying my answer helped when previous attempts didn't help. I also enjoy writing up articles about devices that a large audience reads. It's a great feeling knowing that such a large number of people read my work and hopefully learned something from it. During my free time, I love helping out on the forums because I'm able to use my passion and love for technology to hopefully help people out."


Have a question about a YOGA device? Look out for superusers such as EricX in the respective boards, and be nice Smiley Happy


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