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Community Shout-Out: _Kris_
Lenovo Staff



Tell us about yourself


My name is Kristof. I am 38 years old, and I am  from Germany.


How did you discover us?
A few years ago think I came to the community with a question about my former ThinkPad Edge E130. It was a question about using the 16GB SSD with Express Cache. Then I read the contributions other users, and then tried as best I could to help. In the meantime, about 5 years have passed and I am still here. I like to help others, so I will stay there in the future. There have been and there are always phases in life that are difficult. In these periods, my contributions are less frequent, but when you emerge stronger from a crisis situation, the contributions are more frequent and focused.

What do you like about our community?

In the forum you always meet nice people. But above all the people with whom one has been walking a common path for years. This includes, in particular, the Lenovo employees, admins, moderators, but also the regularly returning users.


What spurs you on to help others?

It's just in my nature to do so - and I genuinely like helping people!


Have a question about our products and want to ask the community? Do make sure you do post them in the right board(s) so you can get the best results!


The Edge E130, that war a really good thing! Smiley Happy

Punch Card

Thank you Kris.  I have been a Lenovo user since 2014 and I'm happy that there are folks here to help others.  I have a problem of my own since last November which I just kept putting off until now.  I need to resolve this issue.  I hope some folks will be able to help me here.



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