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Community Shout-Out: LeLouchV
Lenovo Staff

In case you missed it, LelouchV's an avid gamer (his Community handle would have given it away) who very recently accepted our invitation to be a badged guru. We catch up with him to find out more about this enigmatic character.




Tell us about yourself


I do a lot of things, I'm a Batman of all trades. I code (C++ mainly but I've used other languages as needed), voice act (narration, audio books, commercials, promos, etc..), sing/act (on stage mostly), do photo editing, video creation, gardening, etc.. You name it, I've done it better than most people. Right now, I'm a college student majoring in Computer Science. I'm intelligent, competent, knowledgeable, charismatic, good looking, and very arrogant; that sums me up pretty well.


How did you discover our Community?


I found the forum while trying to see if I could change the purpose of the Fn Keys. I had switched out the original Elan drivers for my Y720 and got Windows Precision drivers instead, which rendered F6 (to toggle the touchpad off) useless. I never found an answer, even after posting on the Lenovo forum, but I decided to stick around and help when I could.


The community is nice in that it doesn't seem to have much strictness (or at least not very demanding and inflexible). People ask questions, voice opinions, and it's nice, I suppose. The site also looks well designed and organizes posts into nice categories so I can find suitable questions easier.


What makes you stick around to help out?

What keeps me helping others is sheer boredom. I wish there was a more noble reason, but that's mostly it. I do like helping others and being the one to provide a solution for them. A lot of people will have simple problems they can't handle and it's awfully frustrating I'd assume, so it's nice to help them out. But the driving factor is that when I'm looking at my Computer Logics class homework, suddenly just about anything else becomes interesting.


Have a question about gaming devices? Do post them in our gaming boards, and be nice to folks like LelouchV who stick around to help!



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