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Community Shout-Out: NateS
Lenovo Staff



Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm an Information Technology old-timer, by any measure. I've seen most all of the advancements in what most would call personally-accessible computing. From punch card programming in Fortran to holding "the world" in one's hands in the form of a smartphone with orders of magnitude of more power than what it took to put the first humans onto the surface of the moon. It's been a great adventure and I can only imagine what the next years, and decades, hold.


Personally, I've been involved in healthcare science and technology for the last 37 years. I started off as a scientist doing drug discovery work at the lab bench, and then moved into laboratory robotics and automation supporting the same. As management of data (and transforming it into knowledge) became a larger challenge than generating the actual data, I transitioned my career into Information Management, along with Systems Support Management. As the IT environment changed, though, and transitioned to a global/no time-zone environment, I switched gears and re-entered the basic science space. This time, though, with a biotech start-up. I was able to leverage years of multi-faceted experience into the day-to-day operations of a start-up. Most recently, I've joined a team of healthcare professionals supporting cellular therapy in the transplant surgery department of a major teaching hospital on the east coast of the US.


It's been a long, and wondrous, journey.


How did you come across the Lenovo Forums?


I was a member of the original IBM forums before the PC division divestiture to Lenovo, but was not very active. Instead, I spent a lot of time at a ThinkPad-specific forum since the only personal machines I ever owned were ThinkPads. My first was a 380XD, purchased in 1998 for what was at the time a full month's net pay. Times have sure changed! My both-feet-jump into the current Lenovo forums happened after I purchased a second-hand i7 X220. I was looking for info on the machine, specifically on memory and storage upgrades, and ended up never leaving. I found a sense of community here, and also found that I was able to help other members. So I stuck around, and the rest is history.


What makes you stick around?


The Lenovo forums are quite unique, in my opinion. Not many companies would take the risk of allowing, and depending upon, customer advocates to be partner-managers in a Community endeavor. Being part of a team of advocates whose feedback is not only heard, but also heeded and highly valued, is what keeps me here and fully engaged. I like the opportunity to help other Lenovo customers and enthusiasts. I like being involved in the build, and evolution, of this community. And I'm very grateful for the friends and colleagues that I've gained along the way.


It really has been a great journey!



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