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Lenovo Staff


Who am I? 


Hello! My name is Amal M Kabeer and I am a tech enthusiast. I don't have any technical background but I have a Masters in Business Analytics. I have been extensively involved with many phone modding communities which helped me to learn and understand phones, laptops and operating systems. Ever since then I was a "flashaholic" and kept changing my phone's OS every now and then.  


How I discovered the Lenovo Community 


My first Lenovo Phone was the Lenovo K4 Note and while I was googling about the phone I came across the Lenovo Community Forum. As I was going through the Forum I saw many users post about their concerns and troubles with their devices. I have the passion to learn and share so, I started replying to those concern and spent a lot of time trying to learn, share and solve things for others. 


What I like about the Community  


Lenovo Community Forum is one of the best as it has a nice UI and I like the idea of ranking users which motivates me to go up in the hierarchy. The Lenovo staffs and moderators are really quick and helpful. The forum has solved many issues and there is a lot of brainstorming that happens in here. 


Why I like helping out here 


I am an introvert and spent most of the time in front of my computer and mobile doing stuff like this. I love talking tech, doing tech and sharing my knowledge and forums like these make me happy. When I am not on my computer, I love travelling and going about on food hunts. 

Have a question about phones? Feel free to pop by our phone boards! 


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Community SeniorMod

It's members like you that make the Forums so great!




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