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Community Shout-Out:Sardun
Lenovo Staff



Tell us a bit about yourself

I am currently studying computer science, and I am from and live in Germany. That's why I'm mostly around the German community. I'm interested in technology since my childhood, so I quickly began to disassemble, reassemble, and upgrading my own computers. In the family and in the circle of friends I am usually the focal point as soon as there are any problems with a computer, notebook or other electronic device. Prior to my studies, I also worked in IT support, where I got introduced to Lenovo and their products.


How did you come across the Lenovo Forums?
I've visited the Lenovo Forum by coincidence, while I've been gathering information about new ThinkPad models. So I first logged in as a normal user and a few days later started to answer the first questions from other users.

What makes you stick around?

The German community is definitely where I stick around most; since my first login in 2014 I was able to witness all the big changes as they were happening. At the beginning it was rather quiet and new topics usually came in small numbers. The community is now more alive than ever with new questions about the different Lenovo devices coming in all the time. After some time I became a Guru and then a moderator, especially thanks to Andy, Serene and Juraj. Not much has changed as it comes to being a moderator as I mainly like to focus on helping other users with their questions. Of course, the closer contact with the employees of Lenovo is very helpful. At the beginning it was mostly Serene, Andy and Sebastian, who were always happy to assist. Since Juraj has taken over the German community the Cooperation has become even stronger, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy my new role as a moderator so much. Due to the many questions in the forum, you always stay up to date and learn something new here and there. There are also always questions that one hasn't encountered previously.

1 Comment
A great and with Grisu_1968 the most competent member in the German community. His workload for this forum is remarkable.

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