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Community Shout-Out: Tasurinchi
Lenovo Staff



Tell us a bit about yourself.


 I live in Switzerland and work as an ERP-Expert / Business Analytics for a company in the food industry. I'm a big ThinkPad fan and I like all kinds of nerdy stuff - I love Technology, Science Fiction, Movies, Fantasy books, you name it, and I am all excited about it. I particularly enjoy the Lord of the Rings books, 2001 Space Odyssey & 2010: Oddysey 2, as well as the Foundation novels from Isaac Asimov. 


I also like to (try at least) to repair and mod things like notebooks, tablets, personal computers and even phones. My favorite mods (so far) are the FHD mod to my X1 Carbon 1st gen and my T430 FHD Mod + xx30 gen keyboard mod. All these wonderful machines are in my ThinkPad cabinet as part of my collection.


I am  inspired by usability and practicable/pragmatic use. I love to tinker with notebooks and tables, yet I haven't been caught with wearable stuff like smartwatches. But never say never... There are some trends like miniaturization that have been keep stuff thinner and smaller with each generation, but I personally see the cloud/net becoming a bigger and bigger topic (and difficult to avoid), cloud storage may become more relevant than hardware storage in the near future.




How did you discover the Lenovo Community?


 I discovered the forums lurking for info to repair ThinkPads, few years ago I had a small collection of machines that I got either broken and with small problems, and I wanted to repair them. I started asking many questions and later in time I realized I was answering more than I was asking. So I have stuck around trying to help people with their problems. It's really nice to be able to be of help others. I particularly enjoy helping out in cases where I can guide users to do simple hardware tinkering, especially with ThinkPads; any user can be a hardware tinkerer with a bit of patience and a good Philips screwdriver ;-)


What makes you continue to love the Lenovo brand?


I love the way Lenovo has been innovating in many areas, but I think one of the strongest point of the brand is that it keeps closer to the customer base. And this forum is an excellent example of it. There is a good lot of very capable people helping around. And a good team lurking to find more users that can help. That's not something every company can be proud of.  I also like how Lenovo is exploring the AR/ VR area. While I have limited experience with Lenovo products here I think there is a wide spectrum of possibilities for such a technology such as simulations, remote training, games.


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Now that's an impressive collection.Smiley Surprised


And I thought I was a crazy ThinkPad collector Smiley LOL

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In two words: Awe some Smiley Very Happy

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You really love Lenovo HeartSmiley LOL

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Tas' collection is Legendary!

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Where did you guys get ur fix


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