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Community Shout-Out: XBrav
Lenovo Staff



Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Bryan, aka XBrav on the forums. By trade, I am an Automation Technician dealing with various control systems in the Oil and Gas Industry. Outside of the work realm, I am a tech enthusiast with a passion for electronic design and 3D printing. Surprisingly, my Lenovo Forum experience has spanned further than my work experience, and has influenced a lot of my career choices.


Prior to selecting a career in industrial automation, I was a hobbyist IT worker. I would purchase used computers and combine the parts to make a "powerhouse" (to me, that is) that trumped any laptop you could buy. I vaguely recall one of my first builds being an old Pentium II box build. I then proceeded to spray paint the case neon orange. It was such an eyesore. But it taught me the basics of PC building.


It was this passion that led me originally to acquire a CompTIA certification. Although my career didn't pan out in IT, it did lead me to learn more about electronics and automation. After several years, I discovered my passion was in turning code into functioning, moving objects. This has recently resulted in a new passion for 3D printing. Although I mainly focus on the embedded projects these days, I still keep my passion of IT alive, even with the technology constantly changing.


How did you come across the Lenovo Forums?

It's amazing how long it's been. Years ago (I've lost count, best to check my profile age!) I came to the Lenovo forums to correct an issue I was having with my laptop. I believe it was a result of a driver bug. But I honestly can't recall what it was, as the helpful members of the forums resolved the issue in a timely manner. I certainly had a positive experience, as there is no lasting memory of being upset with the experience. When I realized how welcoming the community was, I was encouraged to continuously support others with my specific knowledge. I knew a fair amount about gaming and drivers, and was able to support certain lines of machines. I never felt pressured to support anything and everything.


What makes you stick around?

That same spirit I experienced ages ago is present today in the community. Many forum members I've met from around the world are still good friends today. It's great to be able to put a face to a member of the community, and learn more about them personally. I find myself constantly learning of new resolutions to problems and new ways of approaching them. It has helped me both in the forums and in my career! I will continue to be a member of the community, and look forward to chatting with each of you further. Hopefully I can provide a path to the solution you're looking for!


Have an issue you are facing with your system? Do post about this in the correct board, so our members can help you as best as they can!

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