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Community Shout-Out: hausman
Lenovo Staff


Tell us about yourself

My name is Dorian. I'm retired and I'm from Canada. My background is in computer systems software going back to the 1960s and the IBM S/360 mainframes. 


How did you discover us?

My first personal computer was an IBM PC from 1982 and my first ThinkPad was a 760ED from around 1997. IBM, who originally made PCs and ThinkPads, had a user support forum back in those days. I don't recall when it was created or when I joined it. But it was probably in the mid-1990s when the World Wide Web became popular and forums like this one became possible.


What do you like about our community?

The friendly, patient, and courteous atmosphere of collaboration that's found here. There is nowhere else on the Internet quite like this community. What amazes me is the depth of knowledge that's represented here from all over the globe. Few questions go unanswered for long. This community is a treasured resource for Lenovo users.


What spurs you on to help others?

Many people helped me when I was a computer "newbie" so it's only logical for me to help others in the same way. My participation here isn't entirely altruistic. I keep learning new things here every day. My philosophy is that we all benefit when we share our knowledge and skills with each other.


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hausman is our legend! Smiley Happy

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