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Community Shout-Out: jcpolanco
Lenovo Staff


Tell us a little about yourself


I´m Juan Carlos Polanco - my friends call me John, and I was originally from the Dominican Republic, a beautiful island in the Caribbean. I have been an IT Consultant for over 14 years now. I´m also a radio producer for a radio talk show. I´ve worked for important local and regional IT resellers and service centers for over 10 years as a consultant, and have amassed quite a fair bit of knowledge about the industry.

I´m a Lenovo Advocate, and love helping the brand as much as I can; I am actually a part of different programs, like the Lenovo Forums and Lenovo Insiders. I also have been a ThinkPad Lover since 2004.

Outside of the Forums and work, I love music, the beach, sports, mountains and traveling.

How did you come across the Forums Community?
I discovered the Community a long time ago when I started work at a Lenovo service center. I was researching on Lenovo and so, signed up to multiple groups I came across online because I was trying to amass as much knowledge as I could about the brand and its products, so I could help my clients then. The love affair began thereafter.

Why do you *ahem* like us?
Familiarity! People come into the Community starting with an issue they have, and then come back repeatedly and regularly, trying to understand something, learn something or improve a part of their Lenovo product. Their relationship with the community evolves over time and people end up sticking around to help others in need as well. That was what happened to me, and I became a big brother and a part of this big family.

You have been such a great asset to the mod team - what makes you tick?
Oh, I have been helped lots of time and I know how important and how it made things so much easier for me, so this is my way of paying it forward as I know helping others will be likewise important for their lives, their work. We are all a part of the ecosystem – what everyone shares helps with adding more knowledge about Lenovo and its products, and what I do thereby help make people become more confident in using them.

And I personally love the brand, so helping people to have a better experience with their products. I like the company itself tries its best to listen to and adapt user suggestions in their product lines.


It's folks like him who make this community such a great one. So be nice, and say hi to them! 

Community Moderator

Thanks so much for the Shout-out. I really Live the brand  the community and of course the people who manes it possible. 

Paper Tape

hi everyone im new 

Paper Tape

i need help lenovo usb creation will not work ... communication with lenovo support interrupted.... windows 10 x64 i have no access to any other computers

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