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Community Shout-Out: zoltanthegypsy

2019-06-12, 7:01 AM


Tell us a bit about yourself


Old.  Life-long propeller-head/geek.  Retired a while back from a small (!) company  where I spent 47 years.  It evolved from a service bureau doing payrolls for small businesses to building payroll processing systems for others to doing niche-marketed hardware products.  I evolved from a university summer hire doing drafting and tech writing to doing the engineering to business partner.


Those first systems were mini-computer based with custom, in-house-designed hardware and software coded in assembler.  In the later years, it was add-in interface products: PCI boards, some networking gadgets.  I did all the hardware design, wrote and maintained Linux and Solaris drivers, built the test fixtures, did tech support... like I said, it was a small business.


These days it's gardening, boating, fishing, cycling, ... and the Lenovo forums.  I write the occasional article here and on my own blog  - "what I had for dinner" and the random tech tip.


How did you come across the Lenovo Forums?


Like most, I showed up with questions, and found that  I had a few answers to share. Back in 2008 my primary goal was getting my R40 to multi-boot XP, Linux, and Solaris (now it's multi-boot flash drives).  Got that working, and stuck around to help out where I could.  First as a "civilian" then guru and now moderator.


I admit that I enjoy doing tech help more than the "net-nanny" aspects of moderating.  I'll offer an answer from direct experience or testing when I can, use my Google-fu if I don't have personal experience with an issue, and finally - failing all else - offer an educated guess or two to at least move the conversation along.


About the user name: I needed to access a dial-up (!) bulletin board to get help with my first laptop.  Had to create a user name to log in, but even then it seemed like everything was already taken.  Suddenly remembered an old add, and hey-presto, I'm Zoltan the Gypsy.  That first laptop wasn't an IBM/Lenovo, but it did have an "AccuPoint" that sold me on pointing sticks.  It's been TrackPoints and ThinkPads ever since :)


What makes you stick around?

The inexplicable compulsion to be useful :)



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Betreff: Community Shout-Out: zoltanthegypsy

2019-06-12, 7:53 AM
Thanks for the presentation. :)

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Re: Community Shout-Out: zoltanthegypsy

2019-06-18, 1:11 AM



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