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Community Shout-Out: zoltanthegypsy
Lenovo Staff



Tell us a bit about yourself


Old.  Life-long propeller-head/geek.  Retired a while back from a small (!) company  where I spent 47 years.  It evolved from a service bureau doing payrolls for small businesses to building payroll processing systems for others to doing niche-marketed hardware products.  I evolved from a university summer hire doing drafting and tech writing to doing the engineering to business partner.


Those first systems were mini-computer based with custom, in-house-designed hardware and software coded in assembler.  In the later years, it was add-in interface products: PCI boards, some networking gadgets.  I did all the hardware design, wrote and maintained Linux and Solaris drivers, built the test fixtures, did tech support... like I said, it was a small business.


These days it's gardening, boating, fishing, cycling, ... and the Lenovo forums.  I write the occasional article here and on my own blog  - "what I had for dinner" and the random tech tip.


How did you come across the Lenovo Forums?


Like most, I showed up with questions, and found that  I had a few answers to share. Back in 2008 my primary goal was getting my R40 to multi-boot XP, Linux, and Solaris (now it's multi-boot flash drives).  Got that working, and stuck around to help out where I could.  First as a "civilian" then guru and now moderator.


I admit that I enjoy doing tech help more than the "net-nanny" aspects of moderating.  I'll offer an answer from direct experience or testing when I can, use my Google-fu if I don't have personal experience with an issue, and finally - failing all else - offer an educated guess or two to at least move the conversation along.


About the user name: I needed to access a dial-up (!) bulletin board to get help with my first laptop.  Had to create a user name to log in, but even then it seemed like everything was already taken.  Suddenly remembered an old add, and hey-presto, I'm Zoltan the Gypsy.  That first laptop wasn't an IBM/Lenovo, but it did have an "AccuPoint" that sold me on pointing sticks.  It's been TrackPoints and ThinkPads ever since Smiley Happy


What makes you stick around?

The inexplicable compulsion to be useful Smiley Happy



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Thanks for the presentation. Smiley Happy

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