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Community Shout-out: Alez_Curquejo
Lenovo Staff



Tell us a little about yourself

I live in Andalucia (Spain) and I have been working in the media of communications for almost 40 years, and am currently working in  the technical operations department, in Public Radio and Television.


I started as a Higher Technician in communications electronics, but over the 20 years through training I have become a computing technician.​​ I am most passionate about computer science , science fiction and everything related to space (NASA, books, movies, etc.)


I am also a Windows Beta Tester and have been a Microsoft MVP since 2003.


On the health-front I like sports -I had been a canoeist for many years although at present I only practice power walking and eating healthy food.​​


I really enjoy helping other users with problems in Windows and I like the powerful Lenovo desktops with large screens. I am in love with Lenovo Thinkstation and Thinkcentre.​

How did you discover the Lenovo Community and what made you stick around?​

I discovered Lenovo 6 years ago when I learned that Lenovo had acquired the IBM division of domestic equipment; I felt that the quality of their equipment was unsurpassed and this is something that I still confirm.​


I did a search and saw that there was a peer-to-peer technical support community, and so jumped right in, collaborating with others to help with Windows-related issues - this brings me much joy, especially when I can solve problems. I have continued on this simply 

omething that makes me very happy, especially when I can solve their problems.​ I have stayed on simply because I like to help and there is a friendly atmosphere, with good moderation partners and a great administrator.​

What do you like about Lenovo?

What I like most about Lenovo as its quality and innovation. The brand and its products constantly evolve with exquisite design and extraordinary quality, coming up with products that are integrated into our day-to-day, making our lives easier and more comfortable.​


But above all these, I love the staff, who are always attentive , friendly and great professionals, always willing to listen to their users. 

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