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First Look: The 4th Generation ThinkPad X1 Yoga - Iron Gray Greatness!
Community SuperMod

(Disclaimer: Lenovo graciously provided the hardware. All thoughts, words and pictures are mine.)


It's always a treat to receive a box from Lenovo. Sometimes I know what will be in it. Other times, it's a surprise. This time, I knew what was coming... A 4th generation X1 Yoga!


The packaging for ThinkPads has evolved over time, and now, the X1 first impressions are second-to-none! The inner box is sleek and classy, just like its contents. ThinkPads, and especially the X1 line, exude the long-standing product family ethos.





The logos on the laptop have evolved over time, also. From the black ThinkPad marque to the subtle red & black X1, it's clear that serious business is done within.


2-logo1.jpg 3-logo2.jpg



Shortly after powering this Yoga up, and discovering that it was equipped with the 4K UHD IPS HDR400 panel, I had to give it a test. YouTube has a good number of 4K videos, and I found an excellent fly-through video of the International Space Station, published by NASA. Check it out, and see how many ThinkPads you can spot. There are many! Smiley Wink





The fit and finish of this 4th generation X1 Yoga are incredible. The CNC aluminum really shows off the precision workmanship. It's like that feeling when you close the door of a new, high-end luxury car and everything fits and aligns perfectly. It's subliminally very satisfying.



On the left side, from front to back, are: 1) Combo headphone/microphone jack, 2) full-size HDMI 1.4, 3) USB-A 3.1, 4) Ethernet, 5) USB-C Thunderbolt 3 w/power delivery, and 6) USB-C Thunderbolt 3 w/power delivery. Ports 4 and 5, together, mate up with the side mechanical dock. The dongle for the wired Ethernet port was supplied with my review unit.



On the right side, from front to back, are: 1) Pen Pro, siloed, 2) Power button, 3) USB-A 3.1 w/Always-on capability, 4) Exhaust vent, and 5) Kensington lock slot.



Along the top edge of the top cover there are four 360-degree microphones.



The rear of the laptop is nicely finished, smooth and rounded.



As this is a Yoga, and in my humble opinion it is THE Yoga, it sports the four operational modes that define the device category that Lenovo pioneered.


9-clamshell1.jpg 10-tent2.jpg

Traditional Clamshell Mode & Tent Mode


11-stand-left2.jpg 12-stand-right2.jpg

Stand Mode


16-tablet2.jpg 17-tablet2.jpg

Tablet Mode



The siloed pen is quite convenient for casual use, and it's nice to have it neatly tucked away inside the laptop, always charged and ready for use. In addition, another pen I have, supplied with a Gen3 X1 Tablet, also works perfectly with this Yoga in my quick tests. It's a bit larger, so it might be more useful for critical inking tasks.



Back to the display...
It's very difficult to describe just how eye-poppingly beautiful 4K (3840x2160) is in a 14-inch panel. Many may feel that it is overkill, but I'm extremely sensitive seeing pixel structure. With this display, I cannot. Simply put, this is as close to perfect as I've yet seen on any laptop. As a bonus, the panel has great brightness, and the viewing angle is very wide, as expected. Below is a 4K/60FPS video I made of a slideshow of my desktop wallpapers, but it really must be seen in person for the full WOW effect.




The sound system on the new X1 Yoga is also a major step up from past generations. In fact, since my venerable A31P, I've never been satisfied with the on-board sound of any laptop. It has never been a deal-breaker for me, though, since I use nice IEMs for real listening. Still, the Dolby ATMOS speaker system on this laptop is a very pleasant surprise. The upper range audio is delivered through a top-mounted grille that runs most of the length between the hinges. The lower range audio comes from two bottom-firing speakers.





Bottom line... I really like everything about this laptop!



Technical details

This review unit is top-spec'ed in virtually every aspect.

  • CPU: Core i7-8665U vPro (1.90Ghz, quad-core, vPro)
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Display: 14" 4K UHD (3840x2160) HDR400 IPS 500 nit, touch + digitizer
  • Memory: 16GB LPDDR3
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro x64
  • Storage: 1TB Samsung PCIe NVMe SSD (MZVLB1T0HBLR-000L7, PM981a)
  • WLAN: Intel Wireless-AC 9560
  • Ethernet: Wired via dongle (RJ-45)
  • Audio: Dolby ATMOS speaker system; 360 degree microphones (x4)
  • Camera: Hybrid IR / HD w/ThinkShutter
  • Ports: USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 w/PD (x2), USB-A 3.1 (x2), HDMI 1.4 (full size), combo headphone/mic
  • Power: 51Whr battery, 65W Type-C AC adapter
  • Fingerprint reader, siloed Pen Pro, compatible with mechanical side dock
  • Bluetooth 5.0, NFC


When the support and documentation pages go live, I'll update this article.

Edited to add:

Product support home:




Edited (again) to add:

Product sales:



That's it, for now! If you got this far, thanks for reading. Smiley Happy

I'll try to answer any questions, so don't hesitate to post.





(Disclaimer: Lenovo graciously provided the hardware. All thoughts, words and pictures are mine.)

Paper Tape

Hi, any idea when the x1 yoga 4th gen will be available to buy?

Paper Tape

Also how is the battery life with 4k?

Community SuperMod


- I've heard availability in June, but I don't have anything like a solid or confirmed date. Just need to watch the sales pages.

- I've not done any kind of formal battery testing, and likely won't, but I'm getting 7-8hrs minimum running down to 20% remaining charge. I don't go lower than that. Right now, that 7-8hr may be low because I'm watching a lot of high resolution video on this gorgeous display. I'd expect it to be higher when my mix of activity moves to a more balanced load of Office/business types of tasks.


Thanks for your questions.



Community SuperMod

Support links are now live. See above. Smiley Happy

Token Ring
Is the Ethernet dongle the same as X1 Yoga Gen 3? I don't see the same port?
Community SuperMod


I don't have a Gen3, so I can't answer from my experience.


@geordiemuppet, do you have a Gen3? If so, are you able to comment?



Token Ring
It is yet another different Ethernet dongle. See my other post . For some reason Lenovo likes to change it every 1-2 years. Some models use one version this year and some use last years?
What's DOS?

Could you check what is the Input voltage ? I am interesting if it can be used both, in Europe and USA. 

What's DOS?

No body commenting about old gen ddr3 ,

300$ laptop have ddr4 ram

Token Ring

@AudriusM The laptop uses USB-C to charge. You just need a charger that works in your country Voltage / Hz, the laptop doesn't matter.

Token Ring


DDR4 is not available in a low-voltage (DDR4L) yet, normal DDR4 is bigger and uses more power, and DDR3L uses a lot more power and is slower than LPDDR3. Meaning LPDDR3 was pretty much the only option left. Also, running at 2133MHz with lower CAS latencies, the RAM in the current macbook pro’s scores on par if not better than budget DDR4 in most laptops.


Lenovo could have gone for DDR4–2400, but that generally uses 1.4V instead of ~1.2V,meaning the RAM uses close to 20% more power, takes more area on the logic board (meaning a thicker laptop or smaller battery) and the CAS latencies are usually worse on DDR4, meaning actual gains are minimal at best. The only real drawback of using LPDDR3 is the limitation of 16GB, which again is an intel issue.


Quoted from as they wrote it well.

Community SuperMod

"Could you check what is the Input voltage ? I am interesting if it can be used both, in Europe and USA."



Below is the AC adapter that came with my pre-production sample. It has the standard, wide range of input voltage. Most likely all you'll need is the proper plug adapter to fit the wall socket.


Hope this helps.





What's DOS?

Thanks ! 


Thanks for the first impressions. The machine looks gorgeous. The speaker improvement is most welcome. How does tablet mode feel now that Lenovo did away with the lift-and-lock mechanism?


My thoughts without having touched one, I hope Lenovo brings back the volume rocker. When in stand mode we need an easy way to change the volume, and the Win10 UI is not very convenient. 


Also: where are the 3:2 or 4:3 aspect ratio screens? Why waste all that lower bezel space when it could be filled with beatiful and functional pixels!


And it has to be said, the removal of the microSD card slot is annoying. How much is a combi SIM/uSD slot? 15 cents? Please add that back as well.


And finally my long running pet peeve, I want these machines to approach 2.5lbs, if physics allows it! Otherwise these machines are really converging on perfection.

Punch Card

@joesixgig totally agree. too much wasted space. 

Token Ring

Since this was added to PSREF yesterday I did a compare with Gen 3. Two things that I noticed that I thought were interesting. FHD screen is now brighter but glossy instead of anti-glare. Not sure I like that change. Also the battery is smaller, which isn't great either. I am getting Gen 4 since 3 is already 16 months into support life cycle but wish those changes hadn't happend. Also why is this posted in Community SPotlight making it harder to find as opposed to X1C7 in X1 group? Oh and why can't I get IR camera except on highest end model in US but in other countries you can get it on lower speced machines?

X1 Gen 3 vs X1 Gen 4.png

What's DOS?

Are the screws on the service panel captive? The service manual doesn't say that they are, but the service manual for the 3rd gen didn't say that those screws were captive either.

Gen 2 here Nate sorry.

Community SuperMod


Pretty sure the base cover screws are captive, but I've not pulled my cover off to check. Note in the HMM that when screws are *not* captive, there's a table listing screw size and number of each.


Example: page 73 of showing removal of the SSD. Non-captive screw.



Paper Tape

Does anyone know when the 4K screen will be available to purchase.  The one config with the 4K screen says sold out but not sure if it was ever available.


I had/have 2 X1 Yoga's and love them.  Really wish it was available with 32GB RAM.


Lastly in regards to the website, why can't there be info on the weight and battery life of different configurations.  Also why can't there be info on if/when there will be additional configurations.


This almost makes me sorry I had my Yoga 3 Pro fixed recently. It would have been the perfect excuse to upgrade to the Yoga X1.

A new motherboard for $400 on a laptop from 2015 could be viewed as prohibitively expensive for "legacy" kit. Could have been my reason for dropping $1500-$2000 on a shiny new Yoga. I'll just keep telling myself, "Next time..." 

Community SuperMod

Customizable configurations are now available in the US:


I did a test configuration, and it suggested "shipping in 7-9 business days".



Paper Tape

When i was configuring the Yoga Gen4, how come the WQHD display is more expensive than the UHD 4K?

Community SuperMod

@Mike1979... I don't see what you describe when configuring on the US site. See below.




I posted this in the main discussion thread, too. Can you post a screenshot over there of what you see?



What's DOS?

Mine arrived with dead pixels of more than 2 on the UHD version. Lenovo support team could only offer repair instead of an exchange. Really piss with their service. Smiley Mad

What's DOS?

Does the box come with the docking station I see on all stock and non-stock photos everywhere?


Community SuperMod


The laptop does not come with a docking station. It would be a separate purchase.



Paper Tape

I just bought one of these.  Can you please tell me 

if there is something wrong with my new laptop. It does not plug in fully. You can still see some of the silver part, it doesn’t go in all the way. It is the computer, not the charger.  I tried the plug that came with it and the one I use for my school laptop that is same brand. My school one does plug in all the way, but it is a gen. 3. It charges but I am uncomfortable with this because the connection is wiggly and the reason I had to replace my former laptop I only had for 14 months was because the charger port went bad. Anyone else seeing this with the gen 4’s?



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