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HOLA! Barcelona! - See you at MWC 2017!
Lenovo Staff

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It’s gadgets galore and tech heaven for aficionados such as community moderator Andreas Gotthelf, or agotthelf as he is known in our forums, who will be present in Barcelona and helping report on what he sees and experiences as part of Lenovo’s Insiders Program.


We catch up with him to see how he has been counting down the days to the events.


So Andreas, what’s in your bag that you intend to bring to the event?


Of course I’ll carry with me my fast and furious Yoga 900, my Yoga mouse, a water bottle (I got through the Lenovo Insiders Program), a powerbank to fuel my smartphone with enough power to capture all the sweet things we are going to see at #MWC17. And last not least the most important thing in my back will be a pair of comfortable shoes.


Pic 2.jpg


What will you be looking forward to the most at #MWC2017?


I expect not only to see the latest, fanciest and innovative products from Lenovo and Motorola, but also to get up close and personal with some pieces of Barcelona´s great buildings, artists and exhilarate and imbibe in the street culture, too. We´ll hopefully meet some executives from Lenovo and Motorola and have interesting talks with them and grill them about product launches and directions..


By the way Motorola´s homepage did show a countdown (I captured this image at the 22 day countdown). Looks very exciting, I would really know what they have to offer at the floors!


Pic 3.JPG


It had changed its color after a while, looks like they have lots to show us on the floors!

 Pic 4.jpg



Tell us about your journey as a customer advocate so far: what prompted you to becoming an advocate for Lenovo, as well as a Forums moderator?


I really like it how Lenovo is building its products around their customers’ needs, and the way they talk and listen to their customers and last not least, because I think they create the most innovative products in the PC and laptops market. I´m a big fan of the Lenovo Yoga series and a ThinkPad fan, too. I came to the Lenovo forums while searching for solutions for my R60 and became interested in learning all around these sweet black machines. After I learned a lot here in the forums, I started to help others, too and became a guru at first and a moderator at second.


We are super pleased to see pictures of you and other ThinkPad fans getting together in Germany. What do you do there?


Our get-togethers were born just out of interest to talk with other ThinkPad and Lenovo fans in my hometown Muenster, Germany. The get-together was founded by us 8 years ago in 2009. We created a special sign for it. J

 Pic 5.jpg


We usually help each other regarding to solve easy and difficult problems with our machines. For example, a fan surgery:


Pic 6.jpg 

Or to for calibrating the LCD screen.


Pic 7.jpg


As a member of Lenovo´s Insider program I have been invited to visit Barcelona to answer some of your questions given and seen here in the forums, around Lenovo´s and Motorola´s products.


So If you have any questions regarding the upcoming products or technologies at #MCW17, then throw them to me. Here as a comment, or just start start a new thread in the MWC Board.


I will get in contact with a sales or marketing person who knows the answers.


As above, if you have questions, do post in our MWC 2017 board, or tweet to @lenovoforums and @agotthelf!

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