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Happy 10th anniversary to us!
Lenovo Staff

ann.jpgLogo designed by @erik, one of the Forums' supermoderators

It all began us wanting to be able to know more about our products and how people were using them, to listen to what they were saying and thinking about us and technology, and to be able to participate in active conversations and to help as many people as we could. Hence the birth of the Lenovo Community on Dec 1, 2007, which saw the launch of the English Forums, followed by the German and Spanish communities shortly after. We then expanded into the Russian and Portuguese languages in recent years, and welcomed the Moto family into the mix.


Our knowledge base would not be as huge, nor would so many others have benefitted, if not for you, yes, you reading us and participating in our discussions, for you have helped so many others as well by asking and answering questions, as well as coming back to share what worked or what didn't.



As Mark Hopkins, the founder of the Forums said in an interview with the good folks at Lithium Community in 2009: "Our community works because it’s a collaboration… between the company and our most enthusiastic customers.”


24251230_10155676191581368_961763519_o (2).jpgMark Hopkins in front of Lenovo HQ, Nov 2017

Customer-centricity (even before this term became fashionable) has been, and will always be the core of our practices, which is why we have stuck true to being a peer-to-peer technical support forums, run by volunteer non Lenovo staff, some of whom like @JaneL, have helped us even before we were even launched, as we had looked for counsel and guidance from seasoned administrators from established forums like to help shape our communities in the early days. 



Thank you, one and all, for everything you have done and will continue to do. While there have been changes aplenty we promise to always put you first and to find as many ways as possible to interact and collaborate with you. Do continue to share your thoughts and knowledge with us in our communities, and tell us what you want in future iterations of our products (check out our Ideation board, for instance!)
Here’s to many, many more birthdays to come.



Community SuperMod

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years already - the time has flown by!  It seems like just yesterday when we threw the doors open to the forum, and Mark was pacing around in his office hoping that Lenovo users would join and participate.


Thanks to all the staff and volunteer moderators, gurus and users who have helped others along the way, and here’s to the next 10 years!




PS @erik’s 10th Anniversary graphic is awesome!

Token Ring

Happy birthday to all of you making this happen.


This forum is a real help for all sides. Users looking for help have the chance to get instant support. The archive of solutions is enormous so just by using search most probably there is a solution.

Forum as it needs to be.


Only possible by people who engage big time so thank you all!


On to many more years to come.



Community Moderator

Happy Birthday ! It is wonderful what Lenovo is doing for its users and improving day by day. This community is a great family that walks together and maintains the best spirit of collaboration and closeness.


Come on, all together, for another 10 years Smiley Wink

Blue Screen Again

Whao... That's awesome. 

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