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In the Spotlight: KalvinKlein
Lenovo Staff



This series of write-ups celebrates the Lenovo Forum's family of volunteer advocates - moderators, gurus and outstanding members of the Forum, who consistently go out of their way to help out in this community through sharing what they know, dissecting, delving and diving into various issues to educate other users and solve one another's problems. We salute and honor your dedication and hard work!


His computers of choice may be all small, but his heart is surely big.  Meet Klaus (no relation to Santa, though they are both known for their generosity), who has been part of the Lenovo Forums community KalvinKlein.jpgsince 2008.  A former IT support professional, well qualified Gardener who loves bopping to trance, amongst other music genres, he is one of our forum moderators who invests much of their personal time as volunteers in our community, advising and guiding users through the vast knowledge bank made up of contributions from peers.    Ever gracious, Klaus indulged a few of my questions this week…    

Serene: How on earth did you become a moderator in this forum?

Klaus:  In December 2008 I bought the IdeaPad S10e machine and posted my first review on a popular German website. There was a similar forum there and I saw that there were many people from around the world who had many unanswered queries about the S Series. Curious, I did a bit of a search and discovered the Lenovo Forums where I lurked around for about two months, learning as much as I could by reading through the queries posted by other users. My inquisitiveness and an innate need to solve those queries pushed me to research for solutions, and I found myself enjoying the challenge of answering others. I was then approached to become a guru and a short while later, moderator.


Serene: But why would you want to do this?


Klaus: I just love helping people. Why should I hide or hoard what I have learnt? Knowledge is not just for me. It’s for everyone. Being a peer-to-peer support community, everyone is participating. What’s more, I just love and am happy being a member of this world-wide community! Moving forward, I would also love to write reviews of new machines as well. (Editor’s note- Ok, we get the hint.)

Serene: So, any tips for forum users who aspire to be a Lenovo Advocate as well?


Klaus:  Avoid big words and jargon. Try to make your description as easy and as simple as possible, so that someone who has little or no knowledge about computers can understand what you are saying. They must be able to visualize what you are describing. Never leave the person you are helping hanging. Ensure there is closure.


Serene: So tell us about the Rescue & Recovery, One Key Recovery, Data Back up event, where you will be playing the role of moderator.


Klaus:  This is the very first time Lenovo Forums will be having this special event in our German forum, where two Lenovo insiders will be online for a day to answer any questions you may have on using the ThinkVantage Rescue & Recovery to carry out Data Recovery. It’s so crucial to know this; the adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ may be old, but true, simply because accidents can happen at any time.


Join Klaus and Lenovo’s Erik Hegyi and Michael Rilling, who will be online in our German Forum on Wednesday. Sep 7, 2011 from 10 am to 6 pm (CET), where you can get those burning R & R questions that have been bugging you off your chest. You can also join us via Twitter by tweeting your question with the hashtag #asklenovo on that day itself.


So see you at the event and ask away!

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