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In the Spotlight - vijaysaradhi
Lenovo Staff

This series of write-ups celebrates the Lenovo Forum's family of volunteer advocates - moderators, gurus and outstanding members of the Forum, who consistently go out of their way to help out in this community through sharing what they know, dissecting, delving and diving into various issues to educate other users and solve one another's problems. We salute and honor your dedication and hard work!

He’s a buddingeek (  and  a train buff. Meet vijaysaradhi, one of our forum’s

community moderators, whose passions in life include reading, watching the X-Files and scouring the internet for the latest technological updates. Vijay, a former Microsoft MVP, has been active in our forums since February 2008, and has helpful knowledge of various operating systems, and is a frequent contributor to discussions about our essential products.


Vijay, whose day job is with a prominent search engine company, following an internship with a global marketing and communications agency specializing in digital, answers a few of our questions.


Serene: Our forums began in end 2007 and you registered as a member shortly after our launch – what brought you to the forums in the first place?

Vijay: I was pursuing my engineering degree when my mother bought me
 a Lenovo Desktop for me to practice C++ programming on.  I had also been fascinated by Linux since school days – and these two factors ignited a fire within me, and I started to play around with the system I had. One fine day, I screwed up the partitions while installing a new distro as I removed the factory Recovery Partition by mistake. To try and salvage the sticky situation I was in, I did a search on Google and this then landed me in the Lenovo Community.


Serene: Was it a difficult decision for you to make to become a Lenovo moderator? What makes you do it?

 Vijay: Before I joined the forums, I was already a moderator for a small Lenovo community we had in Orkut. Most of the customers owned Value Line systems and we would help one another. I think being avijay.png moderator in the forums is a unique experience for me as it gives me a chance to interact and collaborate with a diversified global audience, where the so- called  "Digital Divide" between me and the world is then bridged in some form.


Serene:  It sounds like you spend a substantial amount of time tinkering with digital products, and blog about your discoveries pretty extensively.  What keeps you going?

 Vijay: Curiosity keeps me going. There was a time when we did not have a PC in our home. It was the very same period when India was becoming a major IT hub and people would start buying computers to learn programming. I would go to my friends’ homes on some pretext to just look at how a Windows 98 machine would look like. This is also one the reasons why I pursued my engineering degree in Computer Sciences so that I can know about a computer, inside out. I must confess my curiosity did lead me down the path of mischief – I used to play pranks on my hapless friends by manipulating their program files so that they became unreadable, and even delete them remotely from my Linux terminal.


Serene: One of the more recent entries in your blog showcases your experimentation with improving the auditory experience on an IdeaPad with you playing with the Dolby settings. Care to tell us more about that?

Vijay: The IdeaPad which I had came with Dolby Certified speakers. What I really wanted to see was whether the profiler application which was not supported on my system would run at all. This led me to discover that this was indeed possible, and I discovered other tricks with the system as well.  


 Serene: What other experiments do you have in store? Care to share with us about this?

 Vijay: I recently rooted my Sony Experia which I brought weeks ago as I wanted to use an app but was unable to..  It took five hours for me to figure out how to do it without bricking the phone. It was fun though. I had to dig a lot of stuff from the internet and perform some trial and error techniques before I could succeed. I’ve been tinkering with cloud based operating systems for a while, such as Chrome OS and Intel's MeeGo. They may well become an alternative platform for people who cannot afford costly and propriety software. In 2012 I plan to build a customized Linux OS of my own.(The ground work is already in place for that).




Serene: The end of 2011 is in sight, and it’s time for New Year Resolutions, and our Forums also just very recently celebrated its fourth birthday. What are your thoughts and wishes for the new year?

 Vijay: We have seen the rise of the tablets and the fall of the netbooks. The convergence
of Entertainment and Technology is allowing people to interact like never before. The information superhighway a.k.a the web has made the world into a global village. I wish to  see that whatever technologies are being invented would be available to the public en-masse at reasonable prices. This would ensure that the flow of knowledge is continuous and would connect people with one another till the last mile.  It should be a win-win situation.


Want to read more about vijaysaradhi? He invites you to visit his page to do so! 


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