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No Stopping him: Agotthelf on the ground at IFA 2017
Lenovo Staff

A testament to dedication and love. Agotthelf covers IFA on the ground, and here are his thoughts before doors open.


"Europe’s largest tech show,IFA 2017, is about to start in a few hours.  It´s placed in one of the world’s greatest cities, Berlin, the heart of Europe and it is also the capital city of Germany.


The show runs officially from August 31st to Sep 6th. 


I´m already very excited, because I expect a lot of beautiful things to come @ #LenovoIFA


I think Lenovo will stay very trendy and continue to build even lighter and faster laptops in smaler form factors.


Perhaps we are gonna to see the successor from the Yoga 910? I would like to see some new sleek, chic and versatile notebooks. 


Because Intel has announced their 8th generation Quad Core i7 CPU recently, whichCPU is up to 4,2 GHz and offers up to 40% more CPU power than in their previous generations.


Keep in mind that Lenovo just launched three new VR-ready gaming towers some days ago at the German GamesCom show. 


Is this the starting point for Lenovo to take a deeper dive into the VR realm? I think it could be.


VR still seems to be a big focus with Lenovo’s lineup at this year. 


At CES 2017 they featured a "unnamed" VR headset.


So I expect that Lenovo is doing a deeper dive into the upcoming AR and VR technologies, which are supposed to change the future of our personal computing. #DifferentIsBetter!


Let´s see what will happen live on the IFA floors!


Hopefully I can talk to you about a hands on of the Jedi light saber, too. That would be fantastic!


Which has been featured in one of Lenovo´s YouTube videos: 


"Star Wars: Jedi Challenges Sneak Peek" (

 I`m at the show from Sep 1st to Sep 2nd and try to cover as much as I can.


Do you have questions already please let me know I try to find the answers."

Community SeniorMod

Serene, Andreas,


any news about #Retro ThinkPad project at IFA?

Community Moderator

Hi x220forme,


I ll ask tomorrow when the IFA starts officially.




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