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Our #5 (community) is alive!
Lenovo Staff


Portugese friends in need of tech support expertise, here's some great news for you! 


Our latest community has just been launched! 

Our communities are always changing and growing to meet the needs of Lenovo friends from all over the world, and hence, we have set up this new space to cater to this group of our friends!


And taking on a new role is Dayane_Lenovo, who carved out her career manning a Call Centre, and who is now more than excited to take on this new challenge.


Here's a little something about her:



Share with us about yourself, your career up to this point?


So….I am 28 years old and I have been working in technology for 10 years. I  am a Journalism graduate, and minor in People Management and Projects and Processes.


I am a geek, and love all things Harry Potter and anything associated with technology.



What were your experiences were like manning a CC, and how you think/ hope the skills you honed could/ would be transferred to your new role?


I hope I can bring all the knowledge I had gained in my previous experience and apply them in this new role, since I have been much exposed to technical information, support related documentation and training, so I can improve and help others troubleshoot their issues. 



What is your vision/ hope for the Portuguese community?

I hope my community will be different as I really want to integrate the company's marketing efforts with the support structure. My vision is that our customers will be able to find it easy to get technical information through easy self-help, and have great access to various company touchpoints, so that Lenovo and our customers can grow even closer along the journey.


Help us spread the word to our Portugese speaking friends! Join in the conversation today! Or drop by to say hi to Dayane!


Community Moderator



I wish you the best for the new community.


Desejo-te as maiores felicidades para o futuro.


Vacuum Tubes



So glad to see you taking on this very rewarding new challenge!    I'm sure the new community will grow quickly and you will cultivate many new fans.  Congratulations to you and the team on this next chapter of growth.



What's DOS?

hi i an new on this blog sorry for my bad english.....i am french Hello i just bought the Lenovo AIO 310 series i realize i do not have one key recovery in my programs is it possible to download thanks

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