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The battle of the YOGAs: the 900 vs the 910
Community SeniorMod

There are a lot of things the same between these machines, but there are some differences that were made as a result of direct feedback from users on this Forum.


This video shows some of the differences and similarities between the two:




The hinge looks almost the same, but it is mounted different.





The charging port is now USB-C, but it is a USB-C2 port and doesn't handle video out.  The USBC-3 port next to it does.




The 4K screen is gorgeous and handles viewing angles very well, but my camera doesn't show it very well. The screen image now goes almost edge to edge.




There is only one thing that I didn't like about the new design and that is the up arrow key was placed to the left of the right shift key.  There are key mapping programs that will allow that to be changed.




All in all, I think Lenovo got it right with this design and I believe that everybody here can be sure that Lenovo will continue to listen to its customers and come up with even more innovative designs.









Blue Screen Again

Love my 910. I am not able to order an additional charger from Lenovo (for my Yoga 910), however (out-of-stock or some such). Are there restrictions using third party 45w USB-C chargers? Can you use a higher wattage charger (with USB-C connector)?


BTW: Nice review.



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Community SeniorMod

Hi DrFlowerStone,


I have heard of various degrees of success in using aftermarket chargers.  I think it would be hit or miss to try an aftermarket one, but there would be no problem in using a higher wattage adapter.  The machine will only use the wattage required.




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