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Thirty two years old and counting -Birthday wishes from a ThinkPad fan


 By - Thomas Ricke, Lenovo Insider:


"An important date is nearing for everyone who is interested in ThinkPads: Lenovo will turn 32 years old on 1st November 2016.


Some may ask: ThinkPad? That's from IBM isn't it? Exactly. IBM invented the brand ThinkPad for professional Notebook but in the year 2005 the PC business was sold to chinese PC maker Lenovo.


What happened then?


In foreground nothing special, since 2002 Lenovo produced the machines for IBM and was fully on topic with the machines. In the further development of time more and more generations of device were brought to existance with slight changes but they still stayed what the used to be: ThinkPads.


Me myself I own machines from the pre-Lenovo era, from era of change and from right now which shows the changes.


Constant series like the subnotes of the X-Series or the Notebooks of the T-Series. Models of the R-Series that was in the middle price segment, that series was changes to the L-Serie. A-Series which were the mobile workstations of its time. To be chnges to W-Serie which nowadays is the P-Series (since 2005). They are the powerhouses among the Notebooklineup.


My first ThinkPad was a 390X. An entry level machine which was developmed and produced together with Acer (which I found out later Smiley Wink).


Here now some models of mine:


600: a legendary notebook with one of the best keyboards ever on a notebook


T23: a long-distance runner, still known by many


T41p: One of the most beautiful T-Series models with powerful CAD graphics from AMD


T43 15" Flexview: a glorious display which makes the T43 to a perfect desktop replacement


A31p: Was onboard of the ISS, UXGA display - amazing workstation and hard to get nowadays


R30: a little cheap workhorse


R50e: slimmed down machines with Celeron CPU, was cheap im comparison


R400: My still today used office machine (BYODSmiley Wink) thx to 6 GiB RAM and SSD blistering fast


570E: first subnotebook with Ultrabase, which holds the drives. Still in use at actual X-Series


X22: my first IBM subnote, which I took everywhere Smiley Happy


X30: hardware of the X2x-series in new housing


X41: For me still the most beautiful X-series machine but the 1,8" HDD was a mess (slow)


X41t: very innovative and one of the grandfathers of todays tablet (with pen use)


X61s: still one of my sofa surfers. Still fast with SSD





As you see my actual devices you see clearly: Lenovo can DO a lot more than Thinkpad! The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is the first of it's kind with a 13,3 QHD display and the integrated beamer. Totally innovative and whole lotta fun.




My newest notebook which I use is NOT a ThinkPad it is a Yoga 900. The multimode concept of this 2-in1 device is simply stunning. If I want to use touch or write no prob. In presentation mode I can use the machine and can lay full trust on the hinge built from 813! pieces - so stable. It's Core i7 and the SSD makes that machine fly.

The only thing I miss as a ThinkPad fan is of course the Trackpoint which i prefer although the TrackPad works good.


Luckily there is ThinkPad Yoga, where Lenovo brought together Consumer and business.


Lenovo is market leader and covers every level from an Ideapad 100 to the Yoga series leading to business in ThinkPad.


Next to notebooks there are of course desktops separated in consumer and business machines.


The gaming sector is covered by the Y-line, desktop and notebooks.


Even Motorola - now Moto - belongs Lenovo.


So as you can see: there is nothing that is not covered by Lenovo - everyone can find something at Lenovos portfolio - of course all peripheral devices as well you need.


Happy birthday Lenovo!


Continue being (a) Legend Smiley Happy                                               "




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