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Yoga Book: A short photo story

This short photo story presents a typical week in the life of my Yoga Book. It highlights that the Yoga Book is an awesome on-the-go device that can accompany my daily activities as well as my travels abroad. While using it, I discovered that it's extremely light and easy to carry around. Yet its thin external keyboard and the fantastic watchband hinge allowed me to also use it as a notebook or ultrabook while on-the-go.


Picture 1: Using the Yoga Book while having a coffee. Is it the future of the on-the-go internet usage? 



Picture 2: The Yoga Book can also keep me productive or entertained while having a quick lunch. 



Picture 3: Afternoon tea, the most essential of English customs, and the currently best Android tablet.



Picture 4: My first flight with the Yoga Book, I spent it playing chess and planning my holiday trip.



Picture 5: My Yoga Book's first holidays abroad; it clearly enjoyed the tourist sights as much as myself. 



For a review of the Yoga Book's specifications, design, usability, and some limited bottlenecks; you can find my full review of the android version of the Yoga Book here: link. And of course, you are more than welcomed to post in the comments below your own pictures of the Yoga Book and your experiences while using it.


Nice article! Second photo reminds me that it's a lunch time here Smiley Happy



Paper Tape

Love those photos!

Serial Port

I am probably using the device for purposes other than those intended. The book is also perfect for reading and annotating PDF documents (highlighting, scribbling). In contrast to other tablets with pen input, the screen does not have to be flat on the table. Instead, you can write comfortably on the pen area and look straight ahead at the screen. This is much more comfortable for the neck than working with pen & paper or other tablets in forward bent posture. That works well at a table but also in the train/plane with the yoga book on your knees.

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