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Yoga Book: A short photo story
‎11-25-2016 04:11 AM

This short photo story presents a typical week in the life of my Yoga Book. It highlights that the Yoga Book is an awesome on-the-go device that can accompany my daily activities as well as my travels abroad. While using it, I discovered that it's extremely light and easy to carry around. Yet its thin external keyboard and the fantastic watchband hinge allowed me to also use it as a notebook or ultrabook while on-the-go.


Picture 1: Using the Yoga Book while having a coffee. Is it the future of the on-the-go internet usage? 



Picture 2: The Yoga Book can also keep me productive or entertained while having a quick lunch. 



Picture 3: Afternoon tea, the most essential of English customs, and the currently best Android tablet.



Picture 4: My first flight with the Yoga Book, I spent it playing chess and planning my holiday trip.



Picture 5: My Yoga Book's first holidays abroad; it clearly enjoyed the tourist sights as much as myself. 



For a review of the Yoga Book's specifications, design, usability, and some limited bottlenecks; you can find my full review of the android version of the Yoga Book here: link. And of course, you are more than welcomed to post in the comments below your own pictures of the Yoga Book and your experiences while using it.

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Nice article! Second photo reminds me that it's a lunch time here Smiley Happy



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