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Yoga: The Next Generation - The Yoga 910!
Community SuperMod

(Disclaimer: Lenovo graciously provided the hardware. All thoughts, words and pictures are mine.)


Just yesterday a new package arrived on my doorstep. A package from Lenovo!

A package containing the next generation Yoga convertible laptop, The Yoga 910! Smiley Happy




Top specs- i7-7500U (Kaby Lake), 16GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD, Narrow-bezel 13.9" 4K LCD!




As in previous generations, the packaging remains the same, minimalist yet elegant.

Open the inner flaps and the laptop rises. Trademark Lenovo!




Along with the laptop, there are the USB-C power adapter, a thoughtfully provided power adapter extender cable, and a quick instruction sheet, all packaged below the laptop's rising presentation platform.




Left-side ports: 1) USB 2.0 Type-C with charging, and 2) USB 3.0 Type-C with video-out.




Right-side ports: 1) Combo microphone/headphones, and 2) USB 3.0 with always-on charging.

Power and Novo buttons are also on this side.




Aluminum body, fingerprint reader, narrow-bezel display.

New, for the new generation! Smiley Happy




This Yoga 910's First Light!




And it's First Desktop, on a gorgeous 4K LCD!




And finally, a teaser (hopefully, well-appreciated) for the Linux folks - AHCI is selectable in UEFI/BIOS!




That's it for now.

Much more to come as I get a chance to put this beauty through it's paces!

So stay tuned...



Community SeniorMod

Nice first impression.


The screen is gorgeous and I like contrasting colors between the keys and bezel.






What's DOS?

I received my yoga 910 special edition today. The only thing I do not like about so far after a few hours use is the keyboard, or  I should say the right SHIFT key is it is to the right of the PgUp key and when typing and attempting to press the right shift key I press the PgUp key every single time, so I have to stop, look for the key to make sure I press the correct one. It is annoying and hopefully Lenovo addresses thisthis soon as it is a very big annoyance and oversight on their part.

Community SeniorMod

 Great looking machine!  I'll be interested to read the full review.

Community SeniorMod

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