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‎11-25-2016 04:11 AM
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Yoga Book: A short photo story

The Yoga Book being in use on his travels, and is impressed by how awesome and on-the-go the device has been for his daily uses and sojourns abroad.


Community Moderator ‎11-21-2016 09:19 PM

Review: the ThinkPad X1 Wireless Touch Mouse by Majestic

The verdict is out: the new X1 wireless touch mouse is light and compact, and suitable for home or business use, says moderator Majestic. But how does it fare under gaming conditions? Read on to find out.


‎11-19-2016 12:50 AM

Review: Yoga Book - Android Version

Pat_Box first saw the YOGA Book making its debut at IFA 2016, and after a couple of weeks with one, here's his review of it: a one-sentence summary of the entire review would be plain and simple: This is the best android tablet on the market, if you need an android tablet, look no further, this is the one!


Lenovo Staff ‎11-16-2016 12:58 AM

Our #5 (community) is alive!

Portugese Lenovo friends, here's good news for you! We have just launched our fifth language community!

Read on to find out more about the latest forum, and meet our newest community lead!


Community Moderator Community Moderator ‎11-07-2016 03:01 PM



There are convertible laptops, and now there are convertible mice. Community advocate Bugbatter received a YOGA mouse recently, and here's what she has to say about it. 


puntohgt2008 ‎10-29-2016 08:55 AM

Thirty two years old and counting -Birthday wishes from a ThinkPad fan

We turned 32 a few days ago amidst a sea of change, which is what we do, to face the future. It's a great ride, and one appreciated by Lenovo Insider Thomas Ricke, who penned us this tribute here.


Lenovo Staff ‎10-23-2016 10:40 PM

Review: The YOGA Book in action, by Sci-Fi novelist Arthur Walker

How does the YOGA Book fare in real life as it is used by Sci-Fi novelist Arthur Walker, author of the Uroboros Saga?


It's not a laptop replacement but a sketchbook, notepad or journal, he describes. Read on to find out more.



Community Moderator ‎09-01-2016 12:40 PM

ThinkPad P70 review

A technical review of the 17" business-class workstation replacement laptop computer with configuration and upgrade options, along with some benchmark and stress testing.


Lenovo Staff ‎07-07-2016 12:27 AM

'Heart-ware': Notes from an Audiophile - PeterTWJ

Don't let his looks fool you. Beneath a smiley, baby face, PeterTWJ, one of our Asian tech gurus, possesses a depth of knowledge for all things audio. The forums guru, who joined the community in 2010, has since stuck around to help other customers with their Lenovo systems, and derives much pleasure from being able to do so.

We catch up with the 23-year-old polytechnic student, who hails from Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore, to find out more about him and what makes him tick.




Community SuperMod ‎06-04-2016 10:49 PM

TechWorld 2016! What's in that backpack?



In three days, I'll be in the air headed to San Francisco to TechWorld 2016 with the MotoMakers Advocate team! I'm looking forward to meeting new friends, and reconnecting with friends traveling with the Lenovo INsiders Advocate team! Smiley Happy


It's always a challenge to figure out just exactly what to pack in the tech backpack. This time I'm switching things up a bit and won't be taking ThinkPad laptop with me. Shocking, I know!


This is a fast trip, so I'm planning to travel UltraLight!




Of late, I've become quite enamoured with my Yoga 900S. It's very light, very well suited to its use cases, and it turns heads everywhere I take it. So it will be my principal machine on this trip. Smiley Wink


I'll also have my ThinkPad Stack power bank and external hard drive since one can never have enough power or storage space. Beyond that, I'll have a couple nondescript tablets with me, for backup, and my IEMs to drown out jet engine noise. So, why is the Yoga 3 Pro in the picture? Well, that nice piece of kit will be on the first leg of its journey to a new home. It's being gifted forward, and I'll report on that in a future Spotlight article. Smiley Happy


TechWorld is going to be great!



Tune in on the 9th, and watch Facebook and Twitter: @lenovo, @Moto_USA, @lenovoUS and @lenovoforums, along with the #LenovoTechWorld, #MotoMakers and #LenovoIN hashtags for all the stories as they unfold!


More soon from San Francisco!

Lenovo Staff ‎04-20-2016 11:37 AM
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'Heart-ware' - XBrav: Learning something new from helping others

He’s one of our youngest community moderators, but don’t let his age fool you. Meet Bryan Baker, or XBrav, as he is known in our forums, who is not just nice to humans in need of computer help, but also creatures of the feline kind.




Lenovo Staff ‎04-14-2016 08:17 PM

Tech Review: richk looks at the ThinkPad YOGA 260

How does the ThinkPad YOGA 260 work out in real life? Forum moderator richk puts the business convertible through the paces here. 


An inside look at the ThinkPad YOGA 260An inside look at the ThinkPad YOGA 260


Lenovo Staff ‎04-06-2016 07:54 PM

'Heart-ware'- Martiniturbide: 'I like to help people'

He's one of our newest forum gurus, but OS/2 expert Martin Iturbide, or martiniturbide is no stranger to helping folks on the internet. Meet the Sci- Fi aficiando and tech enthusiast here. 


Martin and Buzz.JPG


Lenovo Staff ‎03-28-2016 12:35 AM

'Heart-ware'- Topmahof: I was put here on this earth for a reason other than just to exist

You have seen our badged contributors - gurus and moderators, who help out in our forums community as volunteer subject matter experts, as well as arbitrators, but what makes them tick? Meet David Hocker, who not only helps techies, but also furbabies find their forever homes where he is.


Dave contributing a laptop to the Essex House Residents Retirement Home, with help from zoltanthegypsyDave contributing a laptop to the Essex House Residents Retirement Home, with help from zoltanthegypsy

Dave contributing a laptop to the Essex House Residents Retirement Home, with help from zoltanthegypsyDave contributing a laptop to the Essex House Residents Retirement Home, with help from zoltanthegypsy


‎03-11-2016 09:17 AM

Why you should take the product ownership survey!

Chang-Eun Lee with his new YOGA 900 in Seoul, South KoreaChang-Eun Lee with his new YOGA 900 in Seoul, South Korea



Over the past year, our product design and engineering teams have been using your feedback from the Lenovo Product Ownership Survey to help make our products better. In return for this valuable insight, we have chosen at random one lucky winner, Chang-Eun Lee, to receive a brand new YOGA 900  just for completing this 10-minute survey!


‎03-01-2016 11:00 PM

Lenovo Y Gaming Accessories - Part II

It looks real sexy but how does the Lenovo Y gaming surround sound headset that rockykoston ecently received for testing measure up during gameplay? Read on to find out.





‎02-25-2016 08:16 PM

Lenovo Y Gaming Accessories - The Keyboard review

The Y Gaming keyboard, is one of Lenovo's recent forays into the gaming accessories market. Rockykoston, one of our forum gurus, received one to play with and on, and here are his thoughts.




‎02-16-2016 09:49 PM

The YOGA 900 vs the YOGA 3 Pro

What are Lenovo Community's rockykoston's thoughts on the YOGA 900? The community guru received a set from us, and shares his candid experiences with the ultrabook.


Read on.




Community SuperMod ‎01-11-2016 10:35 PM

CES 2016 - That's A Wrap!

A couple months ago I received an email inviting me to be Lenovo's and Forums' guest at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I think it may have taken all of two nanoseconds to send off my reply of "Yes! Thank You!"


The following weeks were filled with briefings, schedules and logistics planning, and with very much anticipation! I've been to CES a number of times, previously, but this year was especially exciting as I would be meeting up with fellow forum supermoderators, bananaman and JaneL (who was traveling with the Lenovo INsiders advocacy group). bananaman and I commented on our preparations here:


I've put this account together in chrono-journal style. While it may seem to jump around, I think it conveys the vast quantity of access to people, products and projects to which we were given access.



Travel & Welcome day... Tuesday, 5 January


I didn't sleep much the night before as there was much too much to do. Smiley Wink

Air travel check in... check! Laundry... check! Bag packed... check! Laptops & assorted bits sorted... check! Backpack packed... check!



A quick nap and the alarm rang at 0300. I was off on my first leg by 0330, a ~90min drive to the airport. Just about the only good thing about a 0645 flight is that the bag check and security lines are usually short! As we taxied for take-off, the horizon was just starting to light up!



A few hours, a bunch of text messages, numerous tweets, and an hour ground-hold in Atlanta later, and I'm in Las Vegas! And on time, no less. The pilot made up all of the delay!



Baggage collection was a breeze this year, compared with past years and, amazingly, the cab line was nonexistent! Within a short while, JaneL and two INsiders program invitees, Kris M. and Scott B., landed and we met up in the baggage area for first-time introductions. As bananaman was still a ways out, I stayed behind to meet him and share a cab to the hotel. After a quick settling-in at the hotel, he and I met up to walk over to the venue space in the Venetian on Restaurant Row, and to take in the sights of CES getting geared up.



In the process, we found a place able to repair bananaman's glasses, and to celebrate that we stopped for a refreshment before joining the rest of the invitees and our host, Taylor W., for our Welcome Dinner in the Mirage.



Left-to-right and around the horn: Dan A., Scott B. Taylor W., Kris M., Dave K., bananaman, JaneL. Lizza M. and Arthur W. joined us a bit later. We had a great time getting to know one another! After a great dinner, and going over the schedule for the next few days' events, we split up. Some, back to the hotel, while a few of us walked around the general area helping Taylor W. get some pictures for Lenovo. Since the rain had stopped, it was a great way to end a very long day! We needed to be up early and ready for the start of the show, so we ended the day.


The Lenovo Exhibitions officially open, Day 1... Wednesday, 6 January


Since this was the day that the product exhibition in AquaKnox opened, after a quick breakfast, I took a spin through to get a feel for the coming days. It was getting busy quite early!



This is also the first day we were able to get into a new addition to Lenovo's venue setup - The X1 Lounge! It was to become my favorite of all the spaces!



Around the outer perimeter of the space above, there was a Legacy Wall. On display were eight laptops that span the evolution of ThinkPad, and culminating in today's state with the 4th generation X1 Carbon, and the 1st generations of the X1 Yoga and the X1 Tablet.


(Image 1, top and left-to-right: 700c, 560, 240, X20; Image 2, top and left-to-right: 701c, X41, x60, x300)


Our first event in the venue was a keynote presentation by Luis Hernandez, Vice President and General Manager of ThinkPad, entitled: What is Customer Centric engineering? He focused on the evolution and expansion of the X1 family of products.



Following this we headed back to Public House, the main meeting venue, for Product Review sessions with Steve Gilbert (Commercial Portfolio) & Andrew Barrow (Consumer Portfolio). We were offered an overview of the new and exciting products in each portfolio, and had the opportunity to ask questions and offer feedback. Of course, of particular interest were the expansion of the X1 family on the commercial side, and the Yoga 900s Ultrabook & Y900 gaming laptop on the consumer side.



Next up was our executive discussion session with Dilip Bhatia, VP Global Marketing and User Experience for PC and EBG Lenovo. Our discussion spanned a number of topics including, of course, favorites at CES 2016. (Video may be available at a later date)


Two Lenovo INsiders conducted interviews with Lenovo product managers. Kris M. chatted with Jonathan Calkins about the YOGA 900 and YOGA 900s, and Dan A. chatted with Mattney Beck about the newest additions to the ThinkPad Stack:



Towards the end of the afternoon we returned to the X1 Lounge for a keynote presentation by Dilip BhatiaVP Global Marketing and User Experience for PC and EBG Lenovo, entitled: Addressing the needs of "Progressives". A key point from his talk is that Lenovo, clearly, listens to and responds to customer feedback.



A bit later, Lenovo INsider Arthur W. chatted with Teddy Lee about the Y900 gaming laptop:



Following dinner, we headed back to the X1 Lounge for a keynote presentation by Peter Hortensius, Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP Lenovo, entitled: Insights to Technology of Tomorrow. Key messages included focusing on "Right and relevant innovation" and "Solving real problems".



The evening concluded with a party sponsored by Intel. It was a good opportunity to relax from the day's activities, indulge in more food & drink, and share notes with other attendees.


So much to see & do, and so little time, Day 2... Thursday, 7 January


The morning started on a high note! Lenovo's Chairman and CEO, Yang Yuanqing, was in the AquaKnox showcase for a walkthrough. Lizza M. did a Periscope session with him, and we were able to get a group picture with him, too!



Our next stop was the X1 Lounge for a keynote presentation by David Hill, Chief Design Officer and VP Lenovo, entitled: ThinkPad Design and Heritage. His phrases, "Purposeful evolution" and "Intersection of form, function and emotion", are very resonant concepts for any ThinkPad lover.



We returned to Public House for our executive discussion session with Peter Hortensius, Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP Lenovo. Once again, the discussion began around favorites at CES 2016, and progressed afield from there. Amazing access to the most senior people at Lenovo! (Video may be available at a later date)


Back in the X1 Lounge, next we had an INsiders Q&A session with David Hill, Chief Design Officer and VP Lenovo. Topics ranged from challenges in the design process, to time from inception to implementation, to favorites ThinkPads along the way, and we even touched on the Retro ThinkPad.



Then we were back to Public House for our final executive discussion session with David Roman, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior VP Lenovo. I can't stress enough how unique it is to be afforded access to the company's highest executives, and to know that our voices are heard! (Video may be available at a later date)


Just before dinner, we received a good overview of the Lenovo Apps: WRITEit, SHAREit and REACHit, followed by a live, hands-on demonstration in the AquaKnox exhibition venue.


The evening activities kicked off with exclusive access to the press event to announce and detail the Project Tango collaboration between Google and Lenovo.



Following that, we headed over to the X1 venue, where we were given the opportunity to learn more about Project Tango and to play with prototype developer kit Tango devices.


The evening concluded with a party sponsored by Microsoft. Once again, it was a good opportunity to relax from the day's activities, partake of refreshments, and share notes with other attendees. I caught up with David Hill, and bananaman & I were able to spend some time chatting with him. A great pleasure!



Winding down, catching up & farewells, Day 3... Friday, 8 January


Following two very busy days, we now had an opportunity to catch up with all we'd experienced. We had some time to start curating pictures, writing up reports & blogs, and preparing for homeward travel.


During the day, though, INsiders had opportunities to interview two product managers. Scott B. chatted with Tim Bass about the X1 Tablet, and JaneL chatted with Sachin Pathak about the X1 Yoga and X1 Carbon:



To celebrate a successful CES and our participation with Lenovo, we took a nice evening walk south on the Strip to the Bellagio where we had a great dinner!


(Photo courtesy of Chris F.)


From there it was a short walk to the "O" Theater to see the Cirque du Soleil show of the same name. Truly a great one!


Then it was back to the AquaKnox for the last part of the Social Media Party. All of the hard-working Lenovo folks who make CES such a success were finally able to relax a bit before shutting down and returning home. It was our chance to say our farewells and express our gratitude to our hosts (especially Taylor W.), and farewells to our fellow advocates.


The road home... Saturday, 9 January


As it began, so it ends. Smiley Wink

After a short nap, the alarm sounded at 0300. My bags were packed and I was headed to the airport at 0400 for the journey home.




Thank You, Lenovo, for inviting me to be a part of your CES 2016!

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