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This series of write-ups celebrates the Lenovo Forum's family of volunteer advocates - moderators, gurus and outstanding members of the Forum, who consistently go out of their way to help out in this community through sharing what they know, dissecting, delving and diving into various issues to educate other users and solve one another's problems. We salute and honor your dedication and hard work!

CES 2012 - The Countdown Begins!


Imagine having the opportunity to attend the biggest, brightest, and most anticipated show in the universe for free as we sponsor your trip – at least we think it just might be!  Our very own Agotthelf, one of the community moderators in our English and German forums, prepares to attend the CES (or Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas) for the second time in two years, and shares with us a bit about what he does outside of the Lenovo forums, as well as what he hopes to see at the Show of the Year. 


Serene: Tell us about what you do in real life.


Andreas: In one part of my life I´m a student, studying political sciences, psychology Andreas Gotthelf Passbild.jpg and philosophy
 and in the other part I´m working as a community manager in a German digital agency, where we develop and manage specialized support 2.0 communities, like forums, blogs, Facebook or Twitter accounts for different companies and their particular departments, support, sales and marketing.


Serene: How long have you been a moderator? How were you introduced to Lenovo Forums? 


Andreas: I visited and registered in the forum in 2008. Then, I was simply searching for more knowledge about my R60. After I became a guru in 2009, I got more and more addicted to the forum and it was a pleasure to meet and speak with Mark and all the other phenomenal moderators, like AndyP, Jane, Erik and of course the other gurus.  Then I got promoted in 2010 to be a moderator and I felt very honored to be a part of this team! I don’t really specialize in anything, because my interests are more general about issues and problems which appear in both Lenovo Forum’ German and English communities. It is an opportunity and a challenge to combine different areas and bring together people who are dealing with the same issues and help them find solutions to them.


Serene : What are some of the things you hope to see at CES 2012?


Andreas: I think the key question for all forum members and customers is “What products will @lenovo launch?” I expect to see more powerful tablets (Tegra 3?) and even more powerful laptops, which will likely have more battery life, more power and perhaps a higher screen resolution than before.


Serene: Who do you wish to interview? Why?


Andreas: I would like to meet Lenovo’s Matt Kohut because he is an expert about upcoming technologies and trends, and it is always a joy to read his blog posts. I would also like to interview John Mese (his forum handle is “perfguy”) – I want to ask him about the newest technologies regarding Lenovo´s Enhanced Experience. There is a lot of interest about the  Enhanced Experience e.g how it works and so on. Perhaps we´ll see version three at this CES? And of course I would like to talk to David Roman and David Hill about Lenovo´s new direction in marketing and design.


Serene: What are some of the things you are preparing for in anticipation of CES 2012?


Andreas: Well, last time I didn´t have a good camera with me, so the pictures could have been better and clearer. This time I´m prepared and will be carrying a better one with me. I will also try to make some videos, but given the limited bandwidth (and I anticipate mass uploading of pictures and videos during the CES), these may take slightly longer than usual to upload (but I am targeting to at least render the clips soonest possible post-CES). I will take loads of pictures though.


Serene: Sounds like you have a plan of attack – so what can forum users anticipate from your participation at the CES?


Andreas:  As mentioned, I´ll keep up posting interesting pictures and videos, in the special events area of the English and German Lenovo forums. But I would also recommendreaders to watch out for Lenovo´s social channels to keep on track on the latest information, updates and upcoming events.


Are you, like the rest of us, not attending CES 2012? Fret not! Tell us what you want Andreas to check out at the Biggest Show of the Year, who you want him to speak to in our Special Events board! And if you are going, share your pictures and videos with us there as well!

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