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This series of write-ups celebrates the Lenovo Forum's family of volunteer advocates - moderators, gurus and outstanding members of the Forum, who consistently go out of their way to help out in this community through sharing what they know, dissecting, delving and diving into various issues to educate other users and solve one another's problems. We salute and honor your dedication and hard work!

You may have noticed a relatively new community member, ExJamJus amongst the troop of gurus in the forum, and you may find his style vaguely familiar – and rightly so. This is because ExJamJus is actually… JameZ.


While James may have left Lenovo to explore other opportunities, his passion for helping others and his dedication to this community that he helped support remains.  Thus he returns, trading in his blue staff colors for the green of the gurus.


We catch up with James as he spills the beans...


Serene: I never got to ask you this when you were still with Lenovo as a staff, but how did you discover the Forums?


James:  I had been thinking about what to do career-wise before I joined Lenovo – I was then working in a rival company as a technical support agent  and stumbled across an advertisement about a job opening as a Technical Support Specialist (Japanese speaking). I then scoured through the job scope and saw that my skills were actually relevant (all, barring the language aspect – my knowledge of Japanese is restricted to food names). I decided to just go for the role and sent in an application. A few days after this was sent I received a call from the Human Resources people at Lenovo and I landed an interview with the company and was told that my job (that is, if I did get it) revolved around the Lenovo Forums.



James at the Lenovo Malaysia office.


I then ventured in to the Forums to have a look at what this was all about and noticed that there were quite a number of helpful people - advocates amongst the community members, on top of those who clearly identify themselves as employees. This is so different from other communities I visited, and I thought this was amazing how it was run – that there are so many great people out there who return to this forum time and again to help strangers out with their technical issues.

Then, my heart was set racing when I heard the next piece of news from Human Resources that I got a second interview with the community team.) A Time article featuring Lenovo Chairman Liu’s commitment to driving the brand using a different approach made up my mind even more.

I really wanted in.


Thank goodness I managed to impress the interviewers and eventually hired on!


Serene: Wow! So what are you doing right now?

James: After spending about a year and a half in Lenovo, an opportunity came up and I decided to leave to explore my options in a sales-orientated position. I am currently working as an IT consultant in a recruitment company. My future plan is to go into networking in order to expand my knowledge on IT. I just couldn’t give up the community I have grown to love and hence, came back as ExJamJus, with the old handle being ‘retired’.


Serene: I can imagine it being a difficult period of transition for you, with the switch in roles and of course, with a new career direction.

James:  Definitely. The decision to even leave Lenovo as a staff was a very tough one to make as I thought I would have to forego my friends in the company, both human and non-human (the equipment and computing gadgets I had access to… ouch, though I am currently using the U300s now, which is awesome. The boot up time is fantastic and the laptop goes to sleep in an instant. The battery life is amazing as well. )


It took two whole weeks, for instance, for the realization that I was no longer a staff to sink in.

I’m better now – and am trying to manage the time I have to come in daily to help out in the forums – and with the shoe now on the other foot, I can understand where the other volunteers come from and why they continue to help out – it just feels good to be able to help others, and I make lots of new friends while beefing up my own computing knowledge.


We are winners, all Smiley Happy


Have a question about a Lenovo product? Or have a tip about computing to share? Join in the discussions today and while you are at it, say hi to ExJamJus and our other advocates!



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