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What's DOS?
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AOS Compatibility Matrix

Is there a place I can go look at what versions of Nutanix are supported on the Lenovo platform?


There is a new update,, that addresses a Security Vulnerability and I really want to be able to install it.

Lenovo Employee nhmurphy
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Re: AOS Compatibility Matrix

I reached out to Nutanix for help on this question.   The answer is " is indeed supported on HX. All our software releases target supportability for all platforms unless they are restricted explicitly."




Nutanix Inc.



Token Ring
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Re: AOS Compatibility Matrix

I wonder where we can find AOS and HX serise compatibility matrix list as like release notes.

Dose all HX serise is officially supported since AOS5.0 is released?

Where is this kind of inforamtion is published I want to know?


Kindly regards,


Fanfold Paper
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Re: AOS Compatibility Matrix

Sorry for pushing this thread up again but I also need a compability matrix for Lenovo HX Series 

It would be great if Lenovo can prepair and share this to us

Lenovo Employee GBeaton
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Re: AOS Compatibility Matrix

Hello All,

Not sure if everyone who posted this question is actually still looking for an answer, but I have found the following information for you.


Minimum Versions:


AOS 5.5 compatability:


I can't find anything definitive on the Nutanix website as to levels above 5.5 base, but I do know that Nutanix have responded to a customer of mine with a HX5510 cluster (which uses older Broadwell based x3650 M5 based systems) and given them the go ahead to update to which is the latest level of AOS. The upgrade went through with no issues. This by referral says that Nutanix has confirmed that is on the Lenovo HX compatability list.


Also, as an FYI, everyone running versions of AOS older than 5.x, please view the EOL schedule below:


Hope this helps everyone!




Lenovo Employee danielwang_SZ
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Re: AOS Compatibility Matrix

For Lenovo HX sereis comatibility matrix ,please refer to following best recipe :

1.For System x platform
2.For ThinkSystem platfrom