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Occasional CVM failure with N2215 HBA

2016-03-05, 21:02 PM


For reasons currently under investigation, the host bus adapter (HBA) in the Lenovo HX Series appliances occasionally fails to be accepted by the hypervisor driver. Both AHV and ESXi hypervisors are affected.


On the Lenovo Converged HX3500 and HX5500 appliances this results in a failure of the Nutanix controller VM (CVM) to boot. On the Lenovo Converged HX7500 appliance with three HBAs the symptom depends on whether the boot HBA or one of the other two data HBAs is affected. If the boot HBA is affected, the CVM will fail to start. If one of the data HBAs is affected, the CVM will start but the drives attached to the HBA will be missing.

Remediation during in-CVM installation

If initial imaging fails because one of the CVMs fails to start, rerun installation.


On clusters containing HX7500 appliances, use Prism to check that all expected drives are shown after cluster creation. If disks are missing, use Prism to identify the affected host and restart the CVM (instructions below). Check that all expected disks are visible in Prism after the CVM restart (approx. 10 minutes) before creating any Nutanix storage pools or containers since the new disks may not automatically be added to the storage pool once created.


Remediation during external Foundation installation

If imaging fails because one of the CVMs fails to start, find the affected host by pinging the CVMs in the cluster. Restart the affected CVM (instructions below). Then create the cluster using the CVM CLI command:

cluster -s<CVM IP list> create


Remediation during operation

Once a CVM has started successfully and all data HBAs are operating, the CVM will not be affected by this issue until it is restarted for some reason. When a CVM fails to boot after reboot, restart it from the host (instructions below).

If the CVM for a HX7500 appliance starts successfully, but one of the data HBAs failed to come up, Prism will raise alerts for the missing drives. Restart the CVM from the host (instructions below).


Instructions for restarting CVM on AHV hypervisor

SSH into the hypervisor host as root. Run the following two commands:


list --all

Identify the CVM - the name has the pattern NTNX-*-CVM. Then execute the two commands:

destroy <CVM name>

start <CVM name>


Instructions for restarting CVM on ESXi hypervisor

Connect to the host with the vSphere client. Identify the CVM - it has the name pattern NTNX-*-CVM. Right-click on the CVM, select Power->Reset.


Mike Perks

HX Series Chief Engineer

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