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Defy w. HF5X battery, can remove wrapper?

2014-03-25, 14:06 PM

I have a nice little Motorola Defy (yes, v. old tech., but I still like it) powered by a HF5X battery. 

One of the few challenges I've had with the phone, is that the back cover bulges out over the battery.  I was inspecting the battery and notice the 'puffy' exterior paper wrapping (with the hologram, recycling message, polarity etc..) was the most likely culprit of the fact that the back cover of the phone never quite sits flush to the back of the case (and yes, to my dismay, it does collect dust inside).

The thing is, I don't want to rip the paper wrapper off without checking, especially since the user manual makes reference to the hologram in a context in which it is being put back in a charger (e.g. phone?) and thereby implies the cover (with hologram etc.) is an expected size of that battery in that phone.

I would like to remove that, but am worried that I might:

  • Have the chemical innards of the battery ooze out (where I least want them).

  • Destroy the ability of the battery to sit tight in the phone (too loose, and shaking about).

  • Or otherwise damage the battery.

So that leads to my question.

Is it possible/safe to remove the paper wrapper from the HF5X battery?  (Or am I thinking all wrong on this, and should take an entirely different approach?)

I also looked at a few threads about the forums, none of which seemed quite the same:


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