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What's DOS?
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Button backlight problem: Motorola in denial

The backlight for the softkeys switches off all by itself, seemingly at random. This makes the phone hard to use at night.


Motorola support replied with this:

"- We have had no reports of backlight issues and would like to kindly ask you to try turning off Auto-brightness and see if that makes a difference."


1) The web is full of similar complaints. Gogle for it and you'll pick up plenty of faulty backlight reports.

2) Some of them are on this forum, so how Motorola Support can claim that they "had no reports of backlight issues" is beyond me. Apparently Motorola has ahuge internal communication problem.

3) The suggested "solution" didn't work. Even if it would, switching off a useful Android feature is not an acceptable workaround for a backlight (= Motorola hardware) problem.


Motorola, what are you gonna do to fix it? And WHEN?