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Defy MB525 - How do I register/login to Motoblur?


I've just bought a Defy MB525 that I desperately need to be up and running three days ago when it arrived. This is my first experience with Motorola after checking a lot of reviews and I'm nearly ready to demand my money back! Please help!

I've got a brand new  fully charged phone, with a previously activated Sim (out of a Galaxy 2), "good" public wifi connection (65 kbps); I've been through numerous power cycles, battery and SIM out, even a hard reset but still can't register a new account under any name, email or password that I submit. So phase two; created a Motoblur ID and using "lost password" activate the account. The Motoblur ID and password must now be correct because I'm using it to login to this forum! Power cycle etc., try and login to existing account and every time the same message at one third through the login progress bar;

"Error signing into account. An error has occured, please try again"

No error codes or anything... I've searched and tried every solution I can find online and now I'm getting desperate, can someone please help me get this damn thing working?




New Zealand

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Re: Defy MB525 - How do I register/login to Motoblur?

Hi Peter,

Sorry to hear this! You could try to skip the setup of Motoblur, maybe that helps in the short term.

Just make sure that you don't have an internet connection via SIM card and that you are not connected to WIFI. When you tap the menu button in the lower left hand corner then it should offer yuou to skip the setup.

Let me know how it goes.