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What's DOS?
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Facebook not syncing to contacts

I've got a problem with my address book not syncing my facebook contacts or contact pictures onto my phone. When I try to filter to only show facebook contacts it says "you have not contacts" and no pictures have been downloaded since I synced my facebook account which it did before.(I have re-added my account after I have changed login for it.)

I've removed my facebook login and re-entered it on my phone as well as removed the motoblur application on facebook to try to fix it but nothing has worked.

Anyone who knows how to fix this problem?

What's DOS?
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Re: Facebook not syncing to contacts

I have the same problem.  Contact photos from Facebook disappeared for a couple of contacts and the Facebook profile went from the contact details.  I have removed Facebook from Motoblur account and reinstalled 3 time now.  Mostly successful but still have one contact that will not sync with Facebook details. 

This is extremely frustrating and trying to find a solution is making me dislike my Defy a little bit more.

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Re: Facebook not syncing to contacts

Hi Fluffypants,

Is that still an issue for you?