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Re: How to unlock defy without blur account?


Sorry it came to that but I'm glad you're going to get it working again. 


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Re: How to unlock defy without blur account?

svacko wrote:

I've done factory reset and wipe all the data and started from 0 and what's more, i've found most probable cause of the problem - 2-step Google authentication.


Now after wiping the phone i had to sign in using my google account, inserted credentials. Login failed! and then 'blink' - i've setup 2step google authentication to login to my google account! That was the problem, OMG! I disabled it and i signed successfully to my completely new & clean phone Well, **** happens...I should have tried to disable it before, i wouldn't had lost my data

So, thanks Mark, TRose, scrannel and AlphaDog - fault was at my site, i was too paranoid and not so clever to realize that problem could be connected to this increased google security feature..

Have a nice day,


And thanks for reporting back.. this will help us if we ever run into lockout recovery that doesn't work. I didn't even know Google had a 2-step auth. Now i have something new to look up.

But it probably doesn't help that the screen is asking for a BLUR account.

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Re: How to unlock defy without blur account?

Thanks for giving us all the details of what you went through.  This is the first "in-depth" thread I've read on the security process. 

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Re: How to unlock defy without blur account?

hi all

my motoroal defy has been locked and is asking for some blur account login, which i dont remember or am not sure of

Kindly help me unlock my mobile

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Re: How to unlock defy without blur account?

Hi mayank,

Do you know why it locked itself? Did you put a different SIM card in it?

If so, put the old SIM card back and then you can reset your password as offered by your phone.

If it locked itself for a different reason then it would be neccessary to reset your phone to factory settings. This will erase everything on the phone.