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What's DOS?
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Motorola Defy motoblur no sound through earpiece?

I hope that someone can help me out. When i am making or recieving a call I cannot hear anything through the earpiece.  The person on the other end can hear me but I cant hear them.  I can hear them if they are on speaker though.  All other sounds and media can be heard and I have checked all volumes etc.  Would really appreciate any solutions.  Thanks!

Token Ring
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Re: Motorola Defy motoblur no sound through earpiece?

Hi Pep73,

What software are you using on your Defy? To check go into Settings > About phone > Firmware - or Android - Version. Please make sure that your phone is up to date with 2.2.2. You can update your phone here if it is not:

If the problem persists please reset your phone and if that does not work either, I would advise you to send your phone in for repair. Therefore you can contact our customer service for more information:


What's DOS?
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Re: Motorola Defy motoblur no sound through earpiece?

I noticed this problem a while back on my phone. The headset action intent keeps firing on and off with or without a headset.


I created my own app to alleviate the problem until a permanent fix is put in.

The app is on the Google Play market if you want to try it.