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What's DOS?
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Motorola: "throw your SD card away to fix our bug"

My 16 gig class 6 microSD card works in every device I have. It used to work in my Motorola Defy too.

But then Froyo came, and most class 6 and 10 cards stopped working.

 Email from Motorola Support:

We have had some reports by customers with class 10 SD cards that experienced stability issues with not only the Motorola Defy, but also with other android phones. However there are other customers that have no problems at all. As SD cards are not manufactured by Motorola we can only suggest to use class 6 or 4 that we can confirm will work fine.

First, almost every class 10 SD card and most class 6 cards are incompatible with the current Defy software, so don't give me bullexcrement like "some" reports. You must have had thousands of them. Google for this problem and you get page after page of similar stories. There are probably some of them right here on this site.

Second, I clearly wrote that my class 6 SD card didn't work, so why do you advice to use a class 6 card? And if I should use a "class 6 [...] that we can confirm will work fine," where can I find a list of class 6 cards that Motorola can confirm will work fine?

Third, there's nothing wrong with my SD card. There's something wrong with the software update that Motorola put on my phone. It's very easy to fix (someone on xda wrote a patch), but this fix voids your warranty. So why doesn't Motorola provide a fix for my phone that's still covered by your warranty? Motorola is responsible for the hardware and software of their products and should fix all errors that it can fix instead of suggesting unacceptable workarounds.

I'm seriously thinking about turning my Defy in for a refund and never ever buy any Motorola product again.

What's DOS?
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Re: Motorola: "throw your SD card away to fix our bug"

I have exactly same problem.

I used strontium sd card 16GB class 6 which was destroyed by Motorola Defy. The sdcard was sent for warrant...

The class 10 SD card 16 GB was then put in E5 Nokia device, it was perfectly working fine. As soon as I put in Motorola Defy, it says SD card damaged. So Motorola defy is not working properly with Class 6 & Class 10 where in same card is working without problem in other device.

Can Motorola defy get an update to fix this problem?

My Motorola defy is under warranty.