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Re: microUSB charger parts availability

defysri said:

Btw, I'm looking for a spare lithium ion battery and cover for the phone. I could not find it on the ACCESSORIES section on this site. Could those possibly be shipped to me? Thanks.

 Defy BF5X SNN5877A is the battery. I'll have to check on the part number for your region. Sometimes they are different.


defysri said:

Hi Mark,

  Thanks for your help so far.

1. Do YOU think the story is cool enough to interest sales??

2. I might need some help in ensuring that my story is routed appropriately through the submission process. Can you help me at the very least follow it up internally? When can I expect to hear back either way?

3. Can you please confirm by asking around whether photoevidence from cellphone is permissable evidence in court in the US in this sort of case?

4. I have a separate engineering idea but I need to work with Google Maps team for that. Considering that Motorola mobility has been very recently acquired by Google, can you help me reach them? I'll pay you for this service if this materializes into something substantial. Deal??

5. I am looking for a spare lithium ion cell/back cover for the phone, already looked on the Accessories section on this site, Where else would you suggest  I look around?


1. I can't weigh in on this. Please use the website I recommended.

2. I don't have visibility more than directing you to the site. Sorry.

3. Nope I cannot.

4. Nope I cannot.

5. As above I need to look in the battery door part for your country. It may be faster to give our local call center a call.

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