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What's DOS?
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problems with sync via motoblur to exchange or zimbra server

Hi folks,

I did scome research on this in the web, seems, I'm not the only one, running in this issue. Sync does not work, as you would expect. Modifications on the phone are not synched to the server, so they are lost. This is true for emails (read or deleted flag), modifications on contacts or events/appointments. Even adding these and also contacts is not casted to the mail server.

People around in these forums use work arounds it seems, they use separate email clients, but the charm to use the internal OS features, like calendar, contact list and so on is lost. So other apps can't integrate with these data and infos. The consolidation of external information, like from social media, mail services etc. by Motoblur is also not covered. So every separate app will connect independtly to the service provider. This is probably not vey efficient concerning the energy consumption of the device and the battery ...

Any infos or suggestions, whether there are new updates, bug fixes to expect or already around?

Is the only alternative to use an external mail client and to drop the motorola android add-ons?