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DEFY: Removing songs from the mobile

Hello everyone, I'm having some troubles when removing songs from my cellphone. For instance, let's say I have a certain song named "Song", from the artist named "Artist" and from the album named "Album". 

Now, if I remove "Song" from the device, the next time I open any music app (Winamp, Music+, Google Play Music, I tried all of them), the same "Artist", "Album" and "Song" will be there. It says the "Song" remains there, but when I try to listen to it, of course, the song doesn't play. So, if I put more songs on the device, there will be a pile of files that don't work over some files that work, and over more and more...

I tried turning off the device, taking off the SD card, connecting and disconnecting from the PC, but nothing worked. I would like to know if there's a way to take those songs from the device without having to delete them manually from the device, because there are more then 300 songs I'd like to replace with other things. This is also a problem because I can't shuffle the songs in my device without having to skip the problematic ones. Can anyone help?