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What's DOS?
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No 3G after a systems Reboot

I have a DEFY MB 526

When I first got my phone I had 3G but the speaker wasnt working so I couldnt hear people when they rang but they could hear me so I got in touch with the purchacer and they said to try a system reboot which I done.

I didnt fix my problem and also lost the data connection. I sent the phone away to be fixed but they only fixed the speaker so i still have no 3G.

So I took my phone to the telstra shop the put in a new APN and got me on the EDGE network. when I put my sim card in my old phone (motorola raza) it connects straight to 3G, I have checked and changed APN setting mut still cant get 3G on my new phone. Telstra no help they sent and inatalled new APN but no good.

How do I get it back on the 3G network.