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Free at last. I bid you all a fond farewell. Motorola you lost a customer.

2011-08-14, 4:37 AM

I recently got so mad at my Devour that I smashed it so I would have no choice but to get another phone. I wanted to wait out my contract and save money on a new phone but I was so sick and tired of this phone that I was willing to pay full price for something else to get rid of it. So I smashed it. This was after months of missed calls and texts, constant random resets, crashes, freezes, horrid battery life, extremely poor reception, and a complete lack of support from Motorola. To add insult to injury, recently every updated program I had on the phone started freezing up and then the market place stopped working on my phone. The final straw came one night when I kept plugging it into the charger and it refused to recognize it was on the charger. It kept thinking I was hooking it up to my computer and would only give me the USB options screen. The Devour had become a useless deadweight in my pocket. I couldn't depend on it to properly perform its most basic functions. Now it is dead and I am very happy to have been the one to deliver the death blow. I absolutely hated this phone. Hated it more than any other piece of tech I've ever owned. And I'm dead serious. I've never had such an inept piece of tech in my possession.

I went to Verizon expecting to pay a lot for a new phone but found that my wife and daughter both had upgrades available. We are all on the same plan so I was able to use one of their upgrades to get my new phone. I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 4 and I love it. I am a long time iPod Touch user and the iPhone was a perfect fit for me. It does everything I need it to do without fuss and I am able to use all of my Touch apps and music and everything else my iPod had on it and add the great functionality of the iPhone. I can't say enough good about this phone. Don't bother knocking it, or telling me I made a mistake because this is my last time here and I won't see a word that any of you post. I'm done with the Devour and with Motorola. And I could care less about the whole Droid thing. The iPhone has everything I need and more.

To Motorola, You should never have released the Devour. You know it. You didn't do anything about it. You didn't back it up or even give users of your inept phone an option to upgrade to something that actually works. I'll never do business with you again. I used to respect the Motorola name. My first true Cell phone was a Motorola flip and I loved it. So I'm disappointed that you have fallen to this level. The Devour was junk from the get go and you screwed over a lot of people by selling it to them. Well you'll never get another penny from me. Good riddance.

The Devour SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!   Ha ha ha ha ha   I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


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