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I once had a Devour, this is my "success" story...

2010-11-06, 0:14 AM

My wife and I got our Devour's from Wirefly on March 5th of this year. We loved our new phones and especially the qwerty slide out keyboard and MotoBLUR. There were 4 reasons why we decided to go with these handsets and make the jump to Verizon from AT&T and Helio/Virgin Mobile. The Devour had an attractive look by its hard "titanium" shell, it didn't look dainty in the least compared to a lot of other phone models that have plastic. Next, the update that never was. We wanted a phone that would be continuously updated because we felt we deserved that when other phones were already ahead of the game and was introduced to the world with a superior Android OS. I wanted a slider because I text a lot, so that was mandatory and from all the other devices at the time, the Devour had the best keyboard. It was my first experience with a touchscreen and keyboard. The final reason was MotoBLUR. Many people do not like this feature, but to my wife and I, we are very socially connected with Facebook and Twitter, so when we saw what MotoBLUR had to offer, it was hard to pass up.

We saw the Droid and it looked weak compared to the Devour, but the reality was looks were deceiving! Little did we know that it would be the Droid's OS being updated and have excellent Flash support. It really did look like a crap phone and it lacked MotoBLUR.

Fast Forward to the days we all found out that the Devour was dead and was not receiving an updated OS. When we got our "little" update, my wife's phone went haywire! Force closes, constant restarts, wouldn't call out, dropped calls, and got to the point where it wouldn't even get through post! It was around this time when many had vented their frustrations with this phone and started to leave the Devour for dead. At this time I was still hanging onto hope that someone would come up with a custom ROM with Froyo so I wouldnt have to ditch my Devour. Needless to say, we gave up hope and started with my wife's phone. We took it to our Verizon premium retailer near by and we knew we were going to get a replacement Devour. She went through 4 total that initially had the same problems as most Devours seem to have. She did the other 3 without me being there, so she ended up with the Droid. She hated that it didn't have MotoBLUR and was really hard to adjust to that handset, especially because of the shitty keyboard.

My wife had told them that my phone was having the same issues and the CSR that helped her get the Droid called to check on how it was working out for her and made sure to ask me about how my phone was and I told him it was having the same issues, he said they just got some Droid 2s in the warehouse...I jumped for joy!!! I hadn't even gone through any replacement Devours like my wife did and here I was being offered a Droid 2!!! I told him about the bad battery life issues and asked if I could get the extended battery with it, he agreed!!! I simply explained to the CSR that we wanted our next phone to have MotoBLUR and the Droid doesn't have that, so he agreed to replace her Droid with a Droid 2 also!!!

Its really about how you go about getting your replacement for the Devour. I think the CSR and the manager for that store felt sorry for us. I didn't even have to mention the lack of update issue. It was a tremendous experience that totally changed the way I feel about Verizon. I guess it really depends on the reps attitude, we were lucky enough to find a couple of excellent reps that wanted to work with you and make sure you left happy.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, all of this was F R E E ! ! !

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