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some Ideas to Help you work as best as you can with your Devour.

2010-10-17, 0:04 AM

Before i go on Moto Blur is a bad UI so if you get a message that says "motoblur has crashed" and you have to force close it just remember this is a normal thing you need to just get use to (unless you freeze i will explain how to trouble shoot that later). Motorola is good at making hardware and not software thats one of the reasons thay bought a maker of android softwarehttp:// and a mobile OS maker http://

also just so you know Moto wont update android on this phone so bare that in mind to.

1. How to fix phone freeze. Remove battery and then Re insert Battery. If that works for phone freeze on any other phone it works on Devour too.

2. Loss of contacts. do the same thing you do to resolve phone freeze or check to see if your SD card is fully inserted. you may have also accedently erased data from the my motoblur website also.

3. for Listening to mp3 and so on don't use the preinstalled android media player. use another player found on the android market like mixzing. Because withe preinstalled player your music will stop when the screen locks. (this may be different with headsets i have not tested that yet).

4. if you are in a building with bad cell reception and you want to surf the web. check for free Wifi.

finally make sure you know how to turn blue tooth and wifi on and off.

these tips are based on my own tests if anyone has tested any thing else post more ideas.

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