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What's DOS?
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Application has stopped unexpectedly

For the past couple of days, my Devour has been giving he message that applications have "stopped unexpectedly." The applications it refers to are often either My Verizon Mobile or Messaging. I believe it started when I updated. Is there a way to stop this?

Also, my contacts were all deleted about an hour ago. Fortunately, most of them were recovered within about 15 minutes, but none of them have their corresponding pcitures, and my phone is not collecting contact information from Facebook as it used to. Also, when I view a certain contact, it becomes linked with my own information, even after unlinking and deleting my own contact. How can I fix this mess and retrieve contacts from facebook?

What's DOS?
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Re: Application has stopped unexpectedly

mine did the same thing.. basically all my applications stopped working, then my contacts disapeared.. i reset my whole phone and the contacts came all back later but after i had already re-entered them . applications came back too but would still have problems off and on. overall i saw this phone is horrible